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Wednesday, January 17, 2024

D2M: No SIM, no internet, video call will still be possible, what is this technology?

Direct to Mobile: Work is being done on new technology in India, through which video calls can be made easily. Under D2M technology, a small receiver will be added to the mobile device. It will catch broadcast data through radio frequency and users will be able to connect to each other. Know about it in details...

What would you do if you were asked to make a video call right now? You will take the help of some video calling app in your phone or laptop. If you are going to make video call through mobile phone then it is necessary to have one thing like WiFi internet or SIM network. But this will not happen in the future.

Soon phone users will be able to do video calling even without internet and SIM card. This will be possible because of D2M (Direct-to-Mobile) service. According to Information and Broadcasting Secretary Apoorva Chandra, this service will be tested in 19 cities of the country. The big advantage of this technology will be that about 30 percent of the country's traffic will shift to D2M service, which will solve the problem in 5G network. Last year, pilot projects were run in Bengaluru and Noida to trial this service.

What is Direct-to-Mobile Service?

Direct-to-mobile (D2M) service is a new technology that allows watching live TV and video on mobile devices without an Internet connection. This technology works like FM radio, which uses radio signals to transmit audio to the mobile device.

There are many benefits of D2M service. First, it eliminates the need for an Internet connection, making it more accessible to people living in remote areas. Second, it can improve the quality of video streaming, because it does not depend on Internet traffic. Third, it can reduce mobile data consumption.

D2M service is still being developed in India. The Government of India has auctioned spectrum to promote D2M service. It is expected that D2M service will soon be available in India.

Where will D2M service be useful?

To watch live TV and videos: Using D2M service, you can watch your favorite TV channels and videos without internet connection.

To send emergency alerts: Using D2M service, governments can send alerts about disasters and other emergencies.

For education and entertainment: Using D2M service, schools and colleges can deliver online syllabus. Government can also use D2M service for education and entertainment.

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