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Wednesday, January 24, 2024

China: 31 people have died so far due to land slide, missing people are being traced.

So far 31 people have lost their lives in the land slide that occurred on January 22 in Liangshui village of Zhaotong city of China. Rescue and relief operations are going on. Many people are still missing. More than 200 people have been saved. People have been kept in tents.

31 people lost their lives in a landslide that occurred on January 22 in Liangshui village of Zhaotong city in Yunnan province of China. Rescue operations are ongoing, many are still missing. Local officials gave this information on Tuesday. The rescue team is busy in its work to find the missing people. So far, more than 200 people have been rescued and given tents and quilts. About 47 people were trapped in this incident.

The incident took place on Monday morning in Liangshui village of Zhaotong city, which is the coldest hilly area of ​​the area. Snow remains here for many days. The rescue site is also covered with a thick layer of snow. More than one thousand rescue workers, 45 rescue dogs and 120 vehicles including loaders, excavators and other vehicles have been deployed in this rescue mission. Along with this, 33 fire engines and 10 loading machines have also been deployed to search for the missing people.

The government has also deployed army members for this mission. A total of 104 army members are deployed in Zhenxiong County. China's Ministry of Emergency Management immediately upgraded the emergency relief procedure from level three to level two after the landslide.

The ministry has sent a team to help the rescue team. The Chinese government has sent Rs 5 crore to help the Greek people injured in the incident, to send them to other areas and to rebuild their damaged houses. Wu Junyao, director of Zhaotong's natural resources and planning bureau, said an investigation showed the landslide was caused by the collapse of a steep cliff. He said that the width of the rock was 100 meters, length was 60 meters and thickness was 6 meters.

After the disaster, local officials are also helping the people injured in the accident and are seeing that they are helped at the right time. About 200 tents, 400 quilts, clothes to 600 people and 14 emergency electrical sets were given. Also, 213 people were safely sent to their homes. After the disaster, rescue officials examined photographs before and after the disaster so that the buried houses could be located.

Firefighter Li Shenglong says that due to the arrangements made by the management officials, there is difficulty in rescue and search at night. According to the report, local people are also coming forward to help. On Monday, Chinese Prime Minister Xi Jinping ordered for search and rescue of missing people in the entire area. Jinping said that rescue teams should be organized immediately, search for missing people should be done and every possible effort should be made to reduce the number of casualties.

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