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Monday, January 22, 2024

Chanakya Niti: A girl must know these 4 things before marriage, her life will be saved from getting ruined.

Chanakya Niti: Apart from being great, Acharya Chanakya is also a teacher. Chanakya told that marriage is the biggest decision in a person's life, hence before getting married a girl must keep these four things in mind. Let us know...

Wedding season is going on. These days, crores of marriages are taking place across the country. After marriage, every person wishes that his married life should be good and happy.

Whereas if the partner is good then life passes happily and comfortably. Therefore, one should think carefully about one's partner before getting married. 

In such a situation, the policies given by Acharya Chanakya can prove to be very helpful for your life. Acharya Chanakya has told many things about choosing a life partner in his Niti Shastra.

Acharya Chanakya has mentioned in his policy about those qualities of a woman which fill the life of her husband and family with happiness after marriage. Chanakya has said in his scriptures that it is very important to test the partner in marriage or any other relationship.

follow religion 

According to Chanakya, whether a woman engaged in religious activities knows the difference between right and wrong or not. Religion helps in showing the right path not only to the family but also to the society. A religious person never forgets his dignity and remains devoted to his family. 

A man should not run after beauty

According to Chanakya, a man should never run after the beauty of a woman. It is not important for a woman to be beautiful but to be virtuous. Any woman who is virtuous,

She can become a shield for the family in all difficult situations and can take care of the family well. Can pull the family out of the mountain of sorrow.

partner in joys and sorrows 

According to Chanakya, partners who do not think about anyone else except their husband or wife after marriage. He is considered a good partner. Such partners always support each other in happiness and sorrow.

Never give up in trouble. Therefore, while selecting a partner for marriage, attention should be paid not to his/her face but to his/her qualities and values.

partner's anger 

According to Chanakya, the partner's anger should be tested before marriage. Because later on anger creates rift in relationships.

Then it becomes difficult to eliminate the rift in the relationship. An angry person forgets the difference between right and wrong and says anything. Your abusive words can hurt your partner. 

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