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Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Carry Saree With These Things Instead Of Blouse, You Will Get A Bold And Beautiful Look.


Fashion Saree Styling Tips: Whenever a person has to attend a party or function, he pays most attention to his dressing sense and style. Women like to wear saree in functions. More and more collections of sarees keep coming in the market continuously. However, no look becomes perfect unless all the things are added to it.

Nowadays, a wide variety of readymade blouses can be seen in the market. But if you have to attend a function at the last minute and you do not have the matching blouse with the saree or you are not able to get it stitched. So you can wear saree in different ways. Today we will tell you some styling tips which will be very useful for you.

saree with tube

If you want a bold and stylish look, then your saree can be worn with a shoulderless top or matching tube. In this way the problem of your blouse will be solved and your look will also look stylish. You can also wear a choker in this style.

round neck top

To get a beautiful look, you can also wear saree with any round neck top. This will give you a classic look and if you do this curry in the winter season, you will not feel cold. Apart from turtle neck top, any round neck top with neck will look beautiful. The statement necklace worn with it will look stunning.

peplum top

If you do not want to wear a crop top or a short design top, then the saree can also be worn with a peplum top. This is going to give you a very elegant look. While wearing it you just have to take care of the color combination. Big studs worn in the ears look good with it.

halter neck top

If you want a stylish look then saree can be worn with halter neck top. For this, you will have to wear a backless look top which will look exactly like a blouse. Nude makeup look will look good with this style.

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