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Monday, January 29, 2024

Bihar's food is a treasure of taste and health, these foods here will make your mouth water

Both the politics of Bihar and the food here are always in discussion. The food here is a treasure of taste and health. So let us know about such dishes of Bihar which are delicious and also beneficial for health.

Talking about politics, there is no telling when the tables will turn in Bihar, but the taste of the food here is amazing. Be it Litti Chokha or Thekua, the taste of food from Bihar is not only on the lips of the people of India, but these dishes are famous all over the world. These traditional food items here are also full of nutrition which even fitness freaks can eat without hesitation.

If you come to Bihar and do not taste its traditional dishes, then your visit here is incomplete. From spicy food to sweet desserts, the flavourful dishes of Bihar are also good for your health. So let us know about some such dishes.

Taste of Litti Chokha

Litti Chokha of Bihar is not limited to this state only, rather it is eaten with great fondness throughout North India. Even these traditional recipes of Bihari homes have become favorite street food today. Litti is made from wheat flour and is filled with sattu (chickpea flour). It is served with brinjal bharta, which uses potatoes, tomatoes and onions along with some spices. Gram flour is rich in protein and very little oil is used in the vegetables served with it and the litti is served dipped in desi ghee. Not only in taste…this dish is also excellent from health point of view.

Dal Pitha

In Bihar, Dal Pitha is made by filling gram dal in rice flour, which is steamed. Some people also call this dish simply pitha. Dal Pitha is not only tasty to eat, it also does not use much oil and spices. Some people eat it after applying tadka, whereas if you are a fitness freak then you can eat Dal Pitha by just steaming it.

Sattu and Chana Ghughri

In Bihar, boiled black gram is eaten a lot in the morning. People give it a spicy taste with some spices. Experts also consider it a good breakfast for fitness freaks, because it is rich in protein and other nutrition. Sattu sherbet is drunk a lot in Bihar, which is an excellent healthy drink for summers.

Thekua is famous all over the world

Hardly anyone might not like the Thekua Prasad made on the festival of Chhath. This recipe of Bihar is famous all over the world and foreigners are also its fans. Thekua is prepared with flour, semolina, and jaggery. Which is a great sweet option for anyone.

Rasiyav or jaggery kheer

In Bihar, jaggery kheer is made on the second day of Chhath Puja i.e. on Kharna, which is called Rasiyav. The pleasure of eating this kheer in winter is different. This is also a great dessert for those who are more concerned about their health.

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