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Sunday, January 28, 2024

Bihar Tourist: Most famous and beautiful places of Bihar, definitely visit once.

Bihar Tourist Place:
Bihar's politics is as famous as its tourist places. There are many such places in Bihar, where even foreign guests come to visit. This time you can plan your vacations in Bihar. So let us tell you about the most beautiful places of Bihar...

Bihar Tourist Places: Often people plan to spend their vacations abroad or go to some hill station. But do you know that there are many such places in Bihar also, where you can plan to visit. But hardly people plan to visit here. There are many such places to visit in Bihar also, where you can enjoy.

Chhath Puja of Bihar is very famous all over the world. At the same time, in Pitru Paksha also, a large number of people go to Bihar for Shraddha rituals. From Nalanda to Gaya, there are many such places. So let's go and take you on a tour of beautiful Bihar.


The last Jain Tirthankara Lord Mahavir was born in Vaishali. But along with being the birth place of Mahavir, there are many places like Relic Stupa, Kutagaarshala Vihar, Vishwa Shanti Shivalaya, Coronation Tank, Bawan Pokhar Temple and Chaumukhi Mahadev which can be visited.


The name of Nalanda of Bihar is recorded in the pages of history. The Nalanda University present here is one of the most important places in the state. You might be surprised to know that Buddha gave a speech here in Nalanda. This place is also historical because the famous Chinese traveler Hiuen Tsang had spent two years there.


Gaya city of Bihar is very important for Hindus and Buddhists. Apart from being a tourist place, it is also a pilgrimage site. It is believed that Mahatma Buddha attained enlightenment under a tree here. There is also Vishnu Pad temple here, which is very important for Hindus. Here you can visit Mangala Gauri Tirtha, Chinese Temple, Bodhi Tree, Dungeshwari Cave Temple, Thai Temple and Royal Bhutan Monastery.


Patna, the capital of Bihar, was known as Pataliputra in ancient times. Shri Guru Gobind Singh was born here. Therefore it is a major pilgrimage site for Sikh devotees. Here you can visit Gurudwara Gobind Ghat, Gurudwara Bal Leela and Qila House.

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