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Monday, January 29, 2024

Bigg Boss Winner: Munawar Faruqui became rich, got such a huge amount apart from trophy, car

The winner of Bigg Boss Season 17 has been announced. This time too, like always, Salman Khan announced the name of the winner. As soon as Munawwar Farooqui's name was announced, he had tears in his eyes. During this time, Abhishek Kumar's heart also got broken. Let us know what else the winner has got this time apart from the Bigg Boss trophy?

Bigg Boss Season 17 has found its winner. Dongri star Munawar Farooqui has succeeded in winning this reality show of Salman Khan. Munawar Farooqui remained in the news throughout the season. Sometimes for his friendship with a fellow contestant and sometimes for a fight with someone. Apart from this, he also kept making headlines throughout the season of Bigg Boss because of his personal life.

Although Munawwar was being described as a big contender for victory on social media, there were also speculations about his competition with Ankita Lokhande and Mannara Chopra. However, neither Ankita nor Mannara Chopra could reach the top 2. Surprising everyone, Udariya actor Abhishek Kumar made it to the top 2. But he could not succeed in winning.

What did the Bigg Boss winner get?

As usual, Bigg Boss winner Munawar Farooqui has received a Bigg Boss trophy for winning this season. However, this time the Bigg Boss winner's trophy is a little different. Apart from this, he has got Hyundai's shining car Creta. Apart from all this, the winner also got a prize money of Rs 50 lakh. There were 21 contestants in this show which ran for 15 weeks, but Munawwar Farooqui left everyone behind and won all these prizes.

The show started on 15 October

This season of Bigg Boss started on 15 October last year. The show ran for 107 days. A lot of fights were seen in this show. The personal lives of many contestants came in front of the people. Many contestants were heartbroken and some had their houses ruined. This time 21 contestants took part in Bigg Boss. In this battle for the trophy that lasted for 15 weeks, contestants kept coming out one by one. Five contestants reached the finale. In the end the trophy was named after Munawar Farooqui.

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