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Sunday, January 28, 2024

Bigg Boss 17 grand finale: Who will win in Bigg Boss, Munawar, Ankita… or will Arun prove to be the dark horse?

Bigg Boss 17 grand finale:
Who will be the winner in Bigg Boss grand finale tonight? Crores of fans are curious about the winner of the show. After all, it will be very exciting and interesting to see who Salman Khan will declare as the winner. All the five finalists of Bigg Boss have their own qualities and shortcomings. Let us try to understand which quality of which contestant gets the most votes from the audience and whom the Bigg Boss team can choose.

Everyone's eyes are on what will happen tonight in the grand finale of Bigg Boss 17. Munawar Faruqui's poetry and charming smile will work its magic, Abhishek Kumar's aggression will overpower everyone, fans will be impressed by Manara Chopra's emotional drama, Ankita Lokhande's celebrity profile will make her a winner or Arun Mashetti's simplicity will warm people's hearts. Will it touch? After all, which contestant will show host Salman Khan raise his hand tonight, who will get a suitcase filled with lakhs of rupees and the keys to a gleaming luxury car? This question is in the minds of all the viewers of Bigg Boss show. This mystery will be revealed before midnight tonight.

But the five contestants who have been selected as finalists in Bigg Boss 17, all of them are so interesting and are giving such tough competition to each other that it is not very easy to guess who will be the finalist of Bigg Boss 17. Who will be the winner? Who will Salman Khan declare as the winner? All these contestants have their own specialties. Five contestants means five colors, five contestants means five personalities. Five contestants means five types of thinking. Let us try to understand who the combination of Bigg Boss team and audience voting can make the winner. Which contestant has what quality?

Munawar Faruqui or Ankita Lokhande?

We have already told that these five contestants have five types of specialties. The magic of these five works among the viewers of Bigg Boss. Munawwar is a poet and a lover boy for whom love easily swells in people's hearts, that is why he is at the forefront in the feedback so far. But can Munawar Faruqui be made the winner? The answer to this question is not very easy. Because this time in the finale he is facing Ankita Lokhande as a popular celebrity. If we look at the track record of Bigg Boss finale, female celebrities have rarely been disappointed here. Examples of this are Juhi Parmar and Shweta Tiwari. If Bigg Boss strategy team follows its track record then Ankita Lokhande can become the winner. Munawwar may have to be content with number two.

Ankita has also played with control like Juhi Parmar and Shweta Tiwari. Yes, the spat with her husband Vicky Jain for the last two weeks had a negative impact on her image and feedback, due to which her votes also reduced, but at the same time, her mother also made it clear on the show that Ankita There is a fear and apprehension about relationships within. She doesn't want to lose any relationship again. That's why she got angry. It is possible that this statement of his mother may prove to be a damage control for him.

Manara Chopra or Abhishek Kumar?

There are plus points and also minus points with Abhishek Kumar. Slapping Samarth proved costly for Abhishek. He was presented as a villain in Bigg Boss house. Bigg Boss contestants turned against him. He became isolated. Nobody talks to him. Doesn't go near him. An inferiority complex developed inside him. But the surprising thing is that despite everyone being against him, he was not eliminated. He even got feedback on social media that he was a hero instead of a villain, which has been mentioned by the show host Salman Khan himself. After which he became a finalist. Now he is giving competition to the other four finalists.

But can Abhishek become the winner? Seems difficult. Abhishek becoming the winner would belittle the personality of Munavvar and Ankita. Like Abhishek, Manara Chopra may also lag behind in the race for the top. What is Manara like in personal life and how is she inside Bigg Boss house? Contestants have made strong comments regarding this. Two things came to light about Manara. One thing is that she kept crying most of the time. His complaint was that he could not find any true friend. But whenever someone made a friend, he did not worry about the sanctity of that friendship. She kept spreading the negativity of one friend to another friend. He also had to face this.

Arun is not hiding Rustam?

During the entire Bigg Boss season, this person is accused of spending most of the time sleeping. Like other contestants, he neither created a ruckus nor complained behind anyone's back, neither quarreled with anyone, nor had friendship with anyone nor enmity with anyone. Whereas in the history of Bigg Boss, all the seasons that have happened till now have been in the headlines for everything from abuses to uproar and fights. But what kind of competitor is this who always remains calm, only works seriously on his task. In such a situation, can Arun Mashetti surprise? Before this it is important to know how does one become the winner of Bigg Boss?

To understand the answer to this question, it is important to understand the history of Bigg Boss and its track record. Bigg Boss is a show where the personality of any contestant is tested from every angle. It remains to be seen how simple it is, real or fake. What a sensitive understanding of humanity and sociality he has. Even if a contestant has spread negativity in the beginning, how much he could improve himself as a better person by the time he reached the finale. Bigg Boss house gives an opportunity to improve as well as deteriorate. The one who improved or maintained his transparent personality became the winner.

This season, YouTuber Arun Mashetti, who is always cool, has maintained simplicity from the beginning. He never showed off. He continued living real life. It can be said that he has proved to be a very down-to-earth contestant, completing all the tasks with accuracy and complete humor. If we turn the previous page of Bigg Boss, we find that Ashutosh Kaushik was also a finalist of similar nature who won the title of Bigg Boss.

That means every contestant has his own qualities and shortcomings. In such a situation, it will be interesting to see tonight which quality of which contestant gets the most votes from the audience and in which contestant the Bigg Boss team sees the most marketing opportunities.

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