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Thursday, January 25, 2024

Bhojpuri Video: Pallavi Giri fell in love with Golu Gold, did 'Majnua Ke Tilak' romance

Bhojpuri Video: The songs of Bhojpuri cinema are very popular nowadays. There is no fun unless Bhojpuri songs are played at weddings and parties. Along with Hindi, Haryanvi songs, Bhojpuri songs are also becoming hits.

A song of Bhojpuri singer Golu Gold, who has made his mark in Bhojpuri cinema on the basis of his singing, is making waves on social media, which people are continuously searching for.

The name of the song of singer Golu Gold which is going viral on social media is 'Majanuaa Ke Tilak' which has created a stir as soon as it came on the screen.

Along with Golu Gold, actress Pallavi Giri has also supported him in this song. Golu Gold's song 'Majnua Ke Tilak' has been released from Worldwide Records Bhojpuri's YouTube channel, which you can easily watch and listen to.

Actress Pallavi has given an emotional performance in the song 'Majnua Ke Tilak', which is making people's eyes moist. This song is sung by Golu Gold. In this song where Golu's tilak is being done on one side

On the other hand, Pallavi Giri is singing a song of anguish in the grief of her love's departure. This song of hers is very romantic in which the sizzling performances of the actress are visible.

Eight days before this, actress Pallavi Giri's song 'Piyawa Patarka' with Ankush Raja was released, in which the sizzling acts of the actress were seen, which also got a lot of love from the audience. Till now this video has received more than 7 lakh views and this trend is going on continuously.

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