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Wednesday, January 17, 2024

'Better to die in war than remain unemployed', when a Haryanvi got a job offer in Israel

What would be the situation of unemployment in some place that people there are ready to work even in war-torn Israel. Recently, a similar situation was seen in Rohtak, Haryana, where a team of Israelis had come for recruitment.

Israel is currently at war with Hamas. In view of this, Israel has refused to employ the people of Gaza. Israel is now fulfilling this labor shortage from India. Recently, a recruitment team of 15 people from Israel reached Haryana, where a crowd of people gathered at Maharishi Dayanand University in Rohtak. Israel gave very good jobs to many of them.

This recruitment drive in Haryana has started from 16th January and will continue till 20th January. After this, it will run from 23rd to 31st January in Uttar Pradesh. However, Uttarakhand government is also planning to invite Israel for jobs. In these jobs, people will get salary of Rs 1.37 lakh, medical insurance, food and accommodation facilities for jobs ranging from bar tender to carpenter.

'Death is better than unemployment'

Quoting Rohtash Kumar, who had come from Jind to give the test for a job in Rohtak University, TOI has written that earlier his job was in Haryana Employment Skills Corporation Limited. It's been 2 months since he left. Now he has received a job offer from Israel, so he wants to go, because it is better to have a job wherever he is than to have nothing.

He said, “I know that there is a war going on in Israel with Hamas. He is aware of this danger, but it is better to die working there than to be unemployed here in his own state.”

Israel will also give bonus

People to whom the Israeli team is offering jobs. It will not just give salary or other benefits to the employees. In fact, it will also give a bonus of Rs 16,515 to the workers every month. Instead of the salary of Rs 1.37 lakh, some people are being offered up to Rs 1.5 lakh.

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