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Friday, January 26, 2024

Before teaching children, parents should make these changes in themselves, only then children will agree.

Children spend more and more time with their parents, hence parents are their first teachers and role models. But many times, under the pressure of becoming a role model, parents make some mistakes due to which they reduce their value in the eyes of their children.

For every parent, their children are dear and their parents are their role models. Children spend most of their time with their parents, hence they learn most of the things in life from them. Many times, in an attempt to be perfect in front of their children, parents commit some mistakes which directly impact their children.

Whether the habit is good or bad, parents are responsible for the behavior of their children. Because children learn things by watching their parents. In order to be open and frank with their children, parents say some things which are not good for the children. Every parent wants that their child should get every happiness but at the same time he should also follow discipline and rules. In such a situation, in the race to provide good upbringing to children, many times parents make mistakes. Here we are mentioning some mistakes made by parents which you should not repeat.

1. Not giving importance to children's words

Many questions arise in the minds of children and they need answers immediately. But many times when parents do not have answers to children's questions, they start ignoring them. This habit of yours may seem bad to children. Therefore, it is better that you handle your children lovingly in this situation and answer their questions intelligently.

2.Discipline is important for both

Discipline and rules are important not only for children but also for you. It is not necessary that when children make mistakes, you should scold them and when you make mistakes yourself, you should not accept your mistake. In such a situation, feelings of anger towards you may arise in your child's mind. Therefore, if you make a mistake, you should accept that mistake in front of your child, this will help you win the trust of your child and the relationship between you both will also become stronger.

3.Pressure to become a role model

Parents are role models for children, many times parents take this pressure on themselves. It is better that you work closely with your children and ask them to help you in kitchen and household work.

4. Always maintain a serious atmosphere

Some people always maintain a serious atmosphere in their home due to which children feel hesitant in talking to their parents and are not able to express their feelings openly. In some homes, fathers do not love their children openly because they remain serious. Due to this, the relationship of children with their father starts deteriorating. Rather, you should raise your children with love and affection right from childhood so that love remains between you till old age.

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