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Sunday, January 21, 2024

Be careful if you eat too much salt because it can lead to a serious disease.

Due to increase in the amount of salt in the body, many types of problems start occurring. Today we will tell you which diseases can be caused by eating too much salt?

If too much salt is added to food then its taste gets spoiled and if too little salt is added then also the taste of food gets spoiled. For your information, let us tell you that if the amount of salt increases in the body, many types of problems start occurring. If you also eat strong salt in your food, then be careful because it can make you seriously ill. 'World Health Organization' has issued alerts regarding salt several times. Table salt has high sodium content, which can cause many side effects when consumed. According to WHO, 1.89 million people die due to excessive sodium intake through salt. This makes it clear that eating naam causes many health related problems. 

Diseases caused by eating too much salt

heart disease

The amount of sodium in table salt is quite high. If you use too much salt, water gradually starts accumulating in the body. Due to increase in water in the body, pressure on blood vessels starts increasing. The risk of high blood pressure, heart attack and heart stroke increases. 

kidney disease

Consuming too much salt causes kidney related diseases. In this situation kidney function is affected. Along with this, the risk of kidney failure also increases. 

bones become weak

Consuming excessive salt causes bones to become weak. Bones start becoming weak and hollow from inside. Due to which problems like back pain, knee pain increase at an early age. 

feel restless

People who eat too much salt suffer from a lot of restlessness. Along with this, there is problem of insomnia. Which affects mental health a lot. 

How much salt is okay to eat in a day?

According to 'World Health Organization', a healthy person should eat 5 grams of salt every day. That means a person should not eat more than 1 teaspoon of salt in a whole day. Many times it happens that you consume too much salt through chips, junk food, fruits, processed food. The amount of salt in packed food is very high. Therefore, at least eat outside or packed food. 

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