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Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Ayodhya fare increased to Rs 30,000, how will one visit Ram temple?

The craze among people regarding Ram temple has increased so much that now going to Ayodhya has become very expensive for the people. The flight fare from Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru to go to Ayodhya is sky high. The situation is such that people have to spend up to Rs 30 thousand to visit Ram temple in Ayodhya.

Preparations for Ram temple in Ayodhya are in full swing. There is a tremendous craze among the people regarding this. Along with this, the number of people going to Ayodhya has also increased. The situation now is that the air fare here has become very expensive. Especially coming from Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru to Ram ki Nagri, you may have to burn a lot of money. The fare which was usually between 5 thousand to 10 thousand, has now gone up to 30 thousand due to increasing demand. Let us tell you in detail what is the airfare from Delhi to Bangalore to Ayodhya…

Fare from Delhi-Mumbai to Ayodhya

The flight fare from Delhi and Mumbai to Ayodhya on January 20 and 21 ranges from Rs 16 thousand to Rs 20,699. At the same time, the flight fare from Mumbai to Lucknow on the same date is only Rs 4308. Similarly, the fare from Mumbai to Varanasi is Rs 5363 and for Prayagraj the fare from Mumbai is Rs 5323. With this you can easily estimate the difference in fare.

Similarly, to get a flight ticket from Delhi to Ayodhya on January 19, you will have to spend Rs 15,193. At the same time, the fare from Bengaluru to Delhi is only Rs 6913. Apart from this, the fare from Delhi to Mumbai is Rs 5092.

Fare from Bengaluru to Ayodhya

The cheapest one-way flight ticket rate for Delhi-Ayodhya for January 20 is Rs 11,829. At the same time, only a few seats are left in the flight on this day. According to airline companies, tickets are getting filled rapidly. At the same time, if we talk about air fare from Bengaluru to Ayodhya, then its fare is the highest. To go to Ayodhya on this day, you may have to spend up to Rs 29,700 one way. An increase of 395% has been seen in the air fares for Ayodhya. This flight will take off from Bengaluru airport at 1 pm and reach Ayodhya at 11 pm with a 5-hour layover in Ahmedabad.

If we talk about the cheapest flight from Bengaluru to Ayodhya, then the flight fare for this route on January 20 is up to Rs 24,000. Looking at online ticket booking websites, we find that flight tickets for Ayodhya are the most expensive on January 19, 20, 21 (Friday, Saturday and Sunday).

Hotel became housefull

Not only is the flight fare sky high, even if you somehow reach Ayodhya, you may have to spend up to Rs 70 thousand to stay there. Due to Pran Pratistha, all the hotels in Ayodhya have become housefull. Due to which now hotel owners have increased the hotel rates.

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