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Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Are you also taking contraceptive pills? There is a danger of these diseases

If we talk about the past few times, the consumption of contraceptive pills among women has increased a lot, but very few women know that due to their consumption, women are facing many problems in the future, infertility is also due to the increasing consumption of contraceptive pills among women. This is becoming a common problem, let us know about it.

As time is changing and advancement is coming, there are many changes in the thinking of people, in such a situation, there is a lot of difference in the thinking of women due to which it becomes difficult to have a relationship before marriage, or to have a child for a long time after marriage. Not doing so is becoming a priority for women, due to which the trend of taking contraceptive pills has increased among women. Although it is an effective method of preventing pregnancy, its continuous use increases the risk of many problems for women.

infertility problem

Due to excessive use of contraceptive pills in women, the problem of infertility is increasing in the future. Experts say that when girls overuse contraceptive pills at a young age, they face difficulty in conceiving in the future, for which they have to resort to methods like IVF to have a child. Therefore, consumption of contraceptive pills should also be done thoughtfully.

Cervical cancer problem

Cervical cancer is the second most dangerous cancer in women after breast cancer. If we talk about the reasons for its occurrence, one of the main reasons for its occurrence is consumption of contraceptive pills, use of contraceptives by women at a young age and having sex with more than one person. Having sex with someone increases the risk of cervical cancer. Therefore, to avoid this risk, girls should get HPV vaccine at the age of 9 to 14 years. Women can also get this vaccine to protect themselves from this.

kidney problem

Doctors say that consumption of contraceptive pills has a bad effect on the kidneys and there is a risk of kidney damage. Therefore, contraceptive pills should not be used excessively and any medicine should be taken only as per the doctor's advice, otherwise these medicines can cause harm.

increase obesity

If we talk about the side effects of contraceptive pills, they also include obesity. Due to its continuous use, the problem of weight gain is seen in women due to changes in hormones and this obesity causes many other problems in the future.

Irregularity in periods

Due to the consumption of contraceptive pills, irregularities in periods are being seen in women, due to which problems like infertility and obesity arise again. At the same time, irregularity of periods causes many other problems, so before taking these medicines, definitely consult a doctor. Avoid taking such medicines on your own.

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