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Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Alia Bhatt Saree Look: If you want to give a modern touch to your look, then you can also wear saree like Alia.

Whenever Alia Bhatt wears a saree, her looks often go viral. This time her modern saree look is going viral.

Everyone likes to wear saree. Therefore its fashion trend never ends. Nowadays, what kind of saree should you wear even online? Information about how many different ways they can be worn is also given. Bollywood actresses also like to wear sarees. One of them is Alia Bhatt who is often seen wearing a saree. Her ethnic looks are also quite viral.

Recently another photo of a saree has gone viral. In which she was seen wearing Ajrak handmade block print saree. She was looking very beautiful in this, and the style of wearing it was so unique that after wearing it you too can give a modern touch to your look. Let us tell you how to wear it.

Alia Bhatt's saree 

The saree worn by Alia Bhatt is considered to be the best collection of designer Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla, she is often seen highlighting clothes of this print. This saree has been prepared very beautifully. Ajrak block print work has been done all over this saree. Let us tell you that this print is prepared by wooden block. In this saree of Alia, special care has been taken of every print from small to big so that the design of the saree does not get spoiled, and the mix and match of the color combination has also been done very well. In this print, blue and golden colors have been chosen along with red color saree. Due to which this saree is looking even more beautiful and royal.

Style saree like this

The way Alia has worn this saree is called Ajrak Drape, in this she has styled an off ( silk saree design ) shoulder blouse with the saree, just like women used to do in olden times. After this the saree is draped in a simple manner. To give it a modern touch, she has kept the palla long so that it can also work as a dupatta. After this he has pinned it on the other shoulder. If you want, you can create your look in this way by using two sarees instead of one saree. You can wear tube or cut sleeve blouse instead of off shoulder. 

Add these things to your look

With this type of saree, you can wear chain earrings ( sari look ), which look a little heavy.

You can set the hair back with the help of a pin and make light curls.

You can create makeup in a smoky way.

If you want, you can wear a chain necklace around your neck.

In these ways your modern saree look will be ready. Which you have to try and find perfect.

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