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Friday, January 5, 2024

After all, what has Sheikh Hasina done in Bangladesh that the opposition does not want to contest elections? Know in 5 points

Elections are going to be held in Bangladesh. Voting will take place on Sunday i.e. 7th January. Opposition parties allege that this is a fake election where no matter which candidate wins, Sheikh Hasina will ultimately win. The question is, what are the objections of the opposition, why the most important camp of the opposition, Bangladesh Nationalist Party, is not contesting the elections.

General elections are going to be held in Bangladesh on Sunday, January 7. Many experts are already predicting its results. The reason for this is that most of the opposition parties are boycotting the elections and are calling it a hypocrisy of Sheikh Hasina government. At present, Awami League, headed by Sheikh Hasina, is in power in the country. Critics say that these fake elections are being conducted.

Awami League is desperate to win for the fourth time. And if there is no major upset then it is possible that he may win this election also. The most interesting development is that Sheikh Hasina is getting the support of Russia, China and India in this election. America has threatened visa ban. America says that if the elections are not conducted in a transparent manner then it will ban the visas of Bangladeshi officials or those close to Sheikh Hasina.

There are total 300 seats in Bangladesh. In the last elections, Awami League, Bangladesh Nationalist Party and Jatiyo Party emerged as the largest political parties after the elections. They got 290 seats out of 300. But this time the main rival BNP has completely boycotted the elections. The question is what has Sheikh Hasina done this time in Bangladesh that the opposition does not want to contest the elections. To understand this, we will have to delve into the allegations, claims and demands of the opposition. We can understand this in view of these five things.

Bangladesh Nationalist Party i.e. BNP is the main opposition party of the country. BNP and its supporting parties say that Sheikh Hasina's government is neither fair nor transparent. BNP has made allegations of rigging in the general elections and manipulation during voting. However, Sheikh Hasina's government has been denying this.

BNP and their allies demand that Sheikh Hasina should step down from the post of Prime Minister until new elections are held. Opposition parties demand that elections should be held under the supervision of an interim government and a new government should be formed after the results. The present government of Awami League is not in favor of this.

About 28 thousand leaders and supporters of Bangladesh Nationalist Party i.e. BNP and its allies are in jail. These people have not seen the outside world for more than three months. There are many people in it who could have played the role of a strong opposition. In such a situation, BNP and other parties do not see any special way to stand strong in the elections.

There are allegations that the elections are being fought only for show, where whoever wins, Sheikh Hasina seems to be in power. The reason for this is that only the leaders supporting Sheikh Hasina are face to face on about 220 seats. Here it is quite possible that the winner and loser will be from Hasina's Awami League. In such a situation, the opposition alleges that elections have no meaning.

Apart from Awami League and Bangladesh Nationalist Party, the third character in this story is Jatiya Party. She is said to be a supporter of Jatiya Party i.e. Japa Awami League. Earlier there was news that there will be an alliance of JPA with Awami League but at the last moment it was said that nothing like this is going to happen. Experts say that although JPA and Awami League support each other, this is being done to make it look like an election.

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