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Tuesday, January 30, 2024

A man fooled his girlfriend for 6 years by pretending to be dead, extorted Rs 1 crore, then the secret was revealed

A woman from China's Zhejiang province has told such a story of fraud, which everyone is surprised to know. She told that her boyfriend fooled her for 6 years, extorted crores of rupees from her in the name of loan, but later when he was dating another girl, the matter came to light.

It is said that people are ready to do anything in love. If love is true then couples even sacrifice their lives for each other. However, nowadays true love is rarely seen. Now many girlfriends and boyfriends are busy in robbing each other. One such case is much discussed these days, which has surprised everyone. Actually, a man in China fooled his girlfriend so much that she could not understand and kept spending all her earnings on him. Years later, when she came to know the truth of her boyfriend's intentions, the ground slipped beneath her feet.

The matter is of Zhejiang province of East China. This woman named Zhang is very angry and sad that her boyfriend fooled her for six years. She told that her boyfriend also pretended to die, which she accepted as true. You will be most surprised to know that Zhang spent five years in repaying her lover's debt of 1 lakh 40 thousand dollars i.e. more than 1 crore 16 lakh rupees.

Girlfriend paid loan worth crores

According to the report of South China Morning Post, Zhang told that she had fallen in love with a man named Yu in the year 2017. Later she came to know that her boyfriend had a lot of debt, because he had told her that he had suffered a loss in a business and then he was burdened with debt. Since Zhang was also involved in business, she decided to support her boyfriend. She said that she would help him repay his loan.

Made an excuse of being kidnapped

According to Zhang, she helped her lover return 28 thousand dollars i.e. about Rs 23 lakh within a year and then repaid his loan in installments for the next four years i.e. till February 2022. During this time she did not know what work her boyfriend did. Then when Zhang decided to marry her boyfriend, he started beating her on various pretexts. He told Zhang that he, along with one of his associates, was associated with an arms and drug smuggling ring and that the gang had caught him with stolen drugs worth $140,000. He said that if she did not pay the ransom money they would kill her.

In such a situation, out of fear, Zhang paid the ransom money without any hesitation and started hoping that now her boyfriend would come home, but later she got information that he had died, but after two months she remained shocked. When she saw her boyfriend walking with another girl. Then what, he immediately informed the police about the matter and the police caught him from his house. Only then was the whole matter revealed.

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