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Sunday, January 14, 2024

84 lakh rupees salary, 4 months leave, this girl does such a job, people's condition gets worse after knowing this

21-year-old Talea Jenny, a resident of Australia, works in a job in which she gets an annual salary of around Rs 84 lakh and also gets 4-4 months leave. However, when people come to know about how dangerous his job is, his condition only gets worse.

There are many companies in the world which pay good salaries to their employees. Apart from this, they also get all kinds of facilities, which also includes holidays from time to time. At the same time, there are many companies in which neither people get proper salary nor any facilities. Apart from this, there is a huge shortage of holidays, due to which the employees remain troubled, but today we are going to tell you about a woman who gets a salary in lakhs and at least 4 months leave in a year, but she She does such a job that people's condition gets worse just by knowing about it.

The girl's name is Talea Jenny. She is 21 years old and is a resident of Australia. Usually, at this age, boys and girls continue to study, but at this age the girl is earning around Rs 84 lakh annually and the most interesting thing is that she is just a trainee. His job is not permanent. Obviously, after knowing this much salary, you must have aroused the desire to know what kind of work a girl does that as a trainee, she has got a job worth lakhs of rupees per month. So let us tell you about this also.

Where and what work does the girl do?

According to the report of The Sun, the girl works as a miner, that is, she works in mines. His only work would be to go to the mine and repair the tires of the machine and fit them. Although this task is as easy as it sounds, it is actually not that easy. This work is considered very dangerous, because many times it happens that mines cave in, due to which people get buried and die. Many times it happens that people have to work inside the mines for 12 hours each and that too in a temperature of 40 degrees. This is the reason why many people flatly refuse to do this job.

Gets leave for 4 consecutive months

According to reports, the company takes Talea from place to place at its own expense and then drops her back when the work is completed. Many times it happens that they have to work continuously for 8-8 months. However, after that she also gets a leave of 4 months together, after which she enjoys a lot.

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