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Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Will Joffra Archer not play IPL 2024? ECB has some different plans


IPL auction is going to be held in the month of December for the Indian Premier League 2024 (IPL 2024) for which many star players from all over the world have sent their names. Meanwhile, cricket fans are going to get a big shock because Joffra Archer may not be seen playing in the upcoming IPL. Actually, Joffra Archer has been injured a lot in the past, due to which the ECB does not want to take any risk with Archer in view of the upcoming T20 World Cup. The ECB has refused to send Archer's name to the IPL.

According to media reports, it is believed that the ECB wants Joffra Archer to stay in Britain and not in India in the months of April and May so that his return can be ensured in the upcoming T20 World Cup. This is the reason why Archer may not be able to play even in the upcoming IPL season. Let us also tell you that recently Mumbai Indians have released Archer before the auction.

Archer was bought by Mumbai Indians, but he was not available for the entire season due to his injury and then could play only 5 matches for Mumbai Indians in the next season i.e. IPL 2023. Even during this period, he failed to impress and could achieve only two successes. This is the reason MI has released him due to poor form and fitness.

Also know that fitness has been a big problem for Joffra Archer. This English player has been injured for a long time in his career. Recently due to this reason he could not even play the World Cup played in India. This is why the ECB is worried and wants Archer to stay away from the upcoming IPL season and work on his fitness so that he can be fully prepared for the T20 World Cup.

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