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Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Why Does The Tulsi Plant Start Drying Up In The Winter Season, Know Its Reasons And Remedies.

Tulsi Plant Care: Tulsi plant is seen in every house in Hindu religion. Many people offer water to Tulsi every morning. According to astrology, Tulsi plant is considered very auspicious. Besides, its importance has also been mentioned in Ayurveda. By consuming basil leaves, the body can be protected from diseases occurring in the winter season. The basil plant often starts drying up during the winter season. This problem is often seen in winter due to cold winds. Drying of the basil plant is considered a negative sign. It is considered good to adopt these measures to protect the basil plant from drying up during the winter season.

Why does the basil plant dry up in winter?

Basil leaves are very delicate. In the winter season, cold winds have a bad effect on the leaves. Leaves are unable to withstand the wind. Due to which the plant withers. Many times, when a year has passed since the plant was planted, it becomes old and starts withering. Often the Tulsi plant is planted during the summer season; by the time the cold weather arrives, the plant has almost died. Due to whatever reason the plant starts withering.

How to take care of basil plant in winter

protect plants from harsh wind

If the Tulsi plant is planted in the courtyard or balcony of your house, where there is harsh wind. In such a situation, take special care of the location of the plant, especially during the winter season. If the plant is planted in a pot, then keep it indoors at night. If it is planted on the ground, then the plant should be planted in the same place where the plant gets equal amount of heat and sunlight.

keep the plant in the sun

In the winter season, it is very important to keep the basil plant in sunlight to keep it healthy. The plant remains green in the sweet sunlight of winter season. If we talk about time, the plant should be kept in sunlight for at least 7 to 8 hours.

add small amount of water

The roots of the plant remain cool during the winter season. Because of which less water should be poured into the plant. Excessive watering during winter season also causes the plant to dry and wither.

Neem leaves remedy

To avoid drying of the basil plant, boil water from dry neem leaves and after cooling, pour it into the basil plant. By doing this the basil plant remains green and healthy.

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