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Tuesday, December 5, 2023

This woman eats dead animals on the road, know why she does such a disgusting thing

Manders Barnett is a woman from Oregon, America, who is now living a nomadic life and that too after leaving her good job. Now she even eats the meat of animals killed on the road. The reason behind this is very strange.

Incidents of animal accidents on the roads are common. It often happens that while trying to cross the road, animals get hit by speeding vehicles and then die on the spot. In such a situation, most of the people do not even get down from the vehicles to see them, but there are some people who pick up those dead animals from the middle of the road and keep them on the side, while some people in the world are even better than them, Those who bury them in the ground, but nowadays a woman is in the news, who even eats dead animals on the streets.

The name of this woman is Manders Barnett . 32-year-old Manders is a resident of Oregon, America. Manders has come into the limelight online after claiming that she stays outside 24 hours a day and even eats roadkill because she does not want animals to die in vain. According to a New York Post report, Manders has been living a nomadic life for the past four years, living in a tent to escape the trappings of the modern world, as she feels her heart and soul lie in nature.

Left her job and became a nomad

Manders told that he started his nomadic life in July 2019 when he met a man who had been traveling on horseback for 6 years. Manders was so impressed by his lifestyle that she left her job as a wildlife technician and joined him. He spent about two and a half years with him. During this time he traveled 500 miles from Idaho to Oregon. However later they separated. Now Manders lives alone.

cooks food on wood stove

She says that she uses wood stove for cooking, while she uses well water for bathing and washing clothes. Apart from this, she uses solar battery to charge her phone, but the special thing is that she never watches TV on her mobile.

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