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Monday, December 4, 2023

This tribe is unique where boys woo girls by wearing make-up, the reason is special

There are many countries in the world where the communities living there have their own distinct beliefs which have been going on for centuries. One such tradition is in discussion among people these days. Where men use different types of make-up to woo women, so that the women coming to the fair get attracted towards them.

This world created by nature is very big. Different types of people live here and they have different types of customs. Because of this, where one thing is considered wrong, on the other hand the same thing is considered absolutely right. If it is related to marriage then everyone has their own beliefs. The discussion of one such tradition is currently a topic of discussion all over the world. You will be shocked to know about this because you would have never heard anything about it before.

You must have often seen that when a boy goes to see a girl for marriage, first of all the girls are prepared so that they do not create any harm there, but a girl living on the edge of Hara desert Exactly the opposite happens in the tribe. Here it is not the girls but the boys who apply make-up for marriage and try to woo the bride.

Do married women also take part?

According to the report of Daily Star, people living in Cameroon and Nigeria follow this tradition to find wives among the Niger tribe. If you pay attention to this tradition, you will understand that this is a wife-stealing festival. Which is called Guérewol Festival. During this festival, men dress up with heavy make-up and dance to woo girls.

Now the women who like the boy put their hand on his shoulder. Which indicates that she has agreed to have a love or marital relationship with him. This festival comes once a year and preparations for it take place throughout the year. For this, men also learn a special kind of dance so that women get attracted towards them. Sometimes girls choose them for whole life and sometimes just for one night. Interesting thing is that married women can also participate in this festival.

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