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Saturday, December 2, 2023

One has to feel embarrassed by hair turning gray at a young age, hide them naturally like this

Prematurely graying hair ruins our look or beauty. Who doesn't like dense and black? If you are facing the problem of premature gray hair, then you can make it black again with some natural methods. Or this grayness on hair can be hidden to a great extent. Let us tell you about these tricks...

Hair fall, dull hair and premature graying of hair are common nowadays. Due to bad lifestyle, increased pollution and other reasons, hair gets damaged a lot. Many times people feel embarrassed due to the problem of premature hair. Because this makes the whole look look ruined. There are many reasons behind premature graying of hair, the biggest reason of which is stress. However, many methods are tried to hide them.

If you want to make gray hair black and thick, then you can try some tricks for this. The special thing is that they are easy to adopt and best results can be obtained from them.

Coffee and Mehndi Recipe

Applying henna is a very old method for coloring white hair. This increases the beauty of hair and also makes them stronger. By mixing many things in Mehndi, double the benefits can be obtained. One of these is mixing coffee in henna powder paste. Both these things can make the color darker.

Follow this step by step

First heat water in a vessel.

After this add coffee powder into it.

Add henna powder, curd and coffee water in another vessel.

Mix the things and leave it overnight.

Next day, apply this paste on hair before bathing and shampoo after about an hour.

make hair rinse

To remove graying of hair, you can prepare hair rinse of black tea. For this, mix two spoons of black tea in water in a vessel. Add some salt to it and boil the water. When it cools down, filter it and apply on hair. You can apply this hair rinse on your hair once a week.

curry leaves recipe

Curry leaves, rich in many medicinal properties, are not only a cure for diseases but can also be used to take better care of hair. To turn gray hair black, try the recipe of curry leaves. Mix curry leaf juice in amla powder and apply it on hair. Leave this paste on your hair for about an hour and see the difference.

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