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Saturday, December 2, 2023

Must eat these things in winter, good cholesterol level will not decrease

Foods For Good Cholesterol- Cholesterol is a problem which is increasing very fast. It is of two types, good and bad. To stay healthy, the body needs good cholesterol, whereas bad cholesterol is the enemy of the body.

Cholesterol is produced in our body as well as from the food we eat. Eating too much fried, oily and spicy food increases the amount of bad cholesterol in the body. Due to its increase you have to face health related problems. It is an enemy of the body which puts you at risk of fatal problems like heart disease, heart attack and stroke. Even if our routine does not include any physical activity, these problems can occur.

The risk of cholesterol formation is higher in winter. This problem often occurs during cold days, that is why experts advise to remain active and do physical activities in cold weather. A creator (loveneet) on Instagram has given many tips to reduce bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol in the body. Let us know about those tips..

Include pulses in your diet

To increase good cholesterol in the body, you must include all types of pulses in your diet. These are rich in fiber which improves your digestion.

green leafy vegetables

Many green vegetables are available in the winter season, including them in your diet will be a good option for you. Apart from being healthy, it is also rich in taste.

Eat oats for breakfast

Oats are considered best for controlling cholesterol. It is rich in fiber and other nutrients. To reduce bad cholesterol, you must include oats in your diet.

eat avocado

Monosaturated fatty acids are found in avocado, which is effective in reducing bad cholesterol. You can make many tasty recipes with avocado and include it in your diet in a healthy and tasty way.

Make beans a part of your diet

Beans prove to be a boon for cholesterol patients. Soluble fiber is found in it, which reduces bad cholesterol.

Apart from healthy diet, you must also include physical activity in your daily routine. By doing yoga daily, you will remain fit and will also stay away from many diseases.

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