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Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Leave Aadhaar… now get your children's 'Apaar Card' made, it will be very useful in future

'Aadhaar Card' has eased many of our problems. If you want to get a new SIM or have to provide proof of identity at any place, it becomes very easy with Aadhaar card. Now 'Apaar ID Card' is being made to remove many difficulties of your children. Know all its details

Aadhar card has now become a part of our life. It is useful for you from going to ration shop to getting SIM card. Now the government is going to make another similar card for your children. This will help them in the times to come, from school education to taking admission in college and finding a job. The government has named it 'Apar ID Card'. Now how is it made, what are its benefits, here you will get all the information.

The Ministry of Education of the Government of India has started making 'Apar ID Card'. This will be the identity card of school students across the country. It is also called 'One Nation, One Student Card'. According to the new National Education Policy brought by the government, it has started making 'AAPAR Card'.

What is 'Apar Card'?

The full form of 'Apar Card' is 'Automated Permanent Academic Account Registry'. This means that the government will make a 12 digit ID card for the students which will remain permanent from childhood till the end of their studies. Even if he changes his school, his 'Apar ID' will remain the same. This will be separate from their Aadhar card and will be linked to each other. In this, all their information will be updated automatically. For this, the government has launched 'Academic Bank of Credits'. It works like an educational registry, you can also consider it as 'EduLocker' like 'DigiLocker'.

Will 'Aapar Card' be useful?

'Aapar Card' will actually store all types of information of a student digitally. It will contain all the accounts of their education, such as how many classes the children have studied, what awards they have received, what degree they have, whether they have received scholarship or not. If it has been received, then how much and from where, how many marks have been obtained in which class, etc., all the information will be transferred digitally in this card.

How will 'Aapar Card' be made?

To make 'Apar Card', the student must have a valid Aadhaar card. It is also necessary to have an account on 'DigiLocker'. With this the e-KYC of the student will be completed. 'Apar Card' will be issued to the students by their schools or colleges. Registration for this will be done with the consent of the parents of the children.

Parents can also withdraw their consent at any time. Schools and colleges will give students a format form, which they can get their parents to fill and submit. Schools or colleges will be able to make 'AAPAR Card' of children only after the consent of the parents.

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