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Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Is your child also not interested in studies? This could be a mental illness

Many children are more active than average children, such children do not like to sit at one place, such children do not feel like studying because they cannot even sit at one place and study, but this is not at all normal in children because these children This is the beginning of a neurodevelopmental problem that needs to be seen early.

Generally, children are very naughty in every house, this is the age when children have a lot of energy and children do not like to sit at one place. Their batteries remain charged throughout the day and these children keep moving from here to there. But you must have seen that many children are more hyperactive than an average child. Which is considered a neurodevelopment disorder. In medical term, it is called Attention Deficiency Hyperactivity Disorder i.e. ADHD. Children with this disease do not do any activity intentionally but do it under the influence of this disorder. This condition arises when some disturbance occurs in the neurons while they are developing in the brain. Due to this, the child does not concentrate on any one task, the child starts getting angry and becomes extremely hyperactive.

When parents do not pay attention to this, they start considering it as stubbornness of the child instead of considering it as a disease. They think that the child is making excuses for not studying. While the child is struggling with psychological problems. ADHD is a mental illness. Neurologists all over the world consider ADHD as a neuro-developmental condition. According to the Center for Disease Prevention and Control, 11% of children in America alone are struggling with ADHD. Around 7.2% of children worldwide are affected by this disease. If we talk about India, this figure can be up to 1.6-14%.

what are the symptoms

– difficulty reading

– Difficulty focusing

– trouble remembering

– lack of concentration

– Staying highly super active

– being too aggressive

- lack of patience

-Includes symptoms like being very irritable or stubborn.

How to know if a child has ADHD? To identify it, experts like psychologist, neurologist are needed. Which detects ADHD on the basis of test. However, in most cases this problem gets cured with growing up. But it is very important to get it corrected so that it does not affect the child's education. Take advice from an expert for this. Understand your child and instead of getting angry at him, try to explain everything to him lovingly. At this time he needs your company the most. If you behave properly with him, then soon you will see a big change in his behavior also.

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