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Wednesday, December 6, 2023

If you are drinking less water in winter then be alert, you can become a victim of this deadly mental disease.


Winter has arrived in many areas of the country and the risk of diseases has also increased in this changed weather. There are many cases of heart attacks in winter, but cases of brain diseases also increase in this season. Especially many cases of brain stroke occur due to low temperature. Especially the problem of stroke due to blood clot in the brain is more common in this season. Due to cold weather, the veins of the brain can shrink, due to which blood pressure can increase and this leads to blood clot in the brain which later on. Causes brain stroke. But why do cases of brain stroke occur in the winter season? Know its symptoms and causes from experts.

Doctors say that there are many reasons for brain stroke in winter. The most prominent among these are bad lifestyle and lack of exercise. People exercise less in winter. Due to which problems like high BP can occur which later causes brain stroke.

Drinking less water also causes brain stroke

Apart from this, drinking less water is also a big risk factor of this disease. Dr. Nitin Rai in the Neurology Department at Fortis Escorts Hospital says that people feel less thirsty in the cold season. Due to this, dehydration can occur in the body. In many cases, dehydration can cause blood clots to form in the brain. Because of this there is a risk of stroke.

respiratory infection

Dr. Nitin explains that cases of respiratory diseases generally increase in winter. This infection can trigger an inflammatory response, which can lead to a blood clot. Apart from this, problems like high blood pressure and high cholesterol can also increase the risk of stroke.

how to protect

Dr. Nitin says that to prevent brain stroke, it is important that you take care of your diet and if you are a patient of high BP, then take special precautions. Apart from this, it is important to identify the symptoms of brain stroke. If you suddenly have severe headache, blurred vision and difficulty in speaking, then go to the hospital immediately. All these are symptoms of brain stroke. Do not be careless in this matter.

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