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Thursday, December 21, 2023

How was Giddeshwar Temple built? What is its connection with Ramayana?


Giddheshwar Temple: People from different parts of the country come to visit Giddheshwar Temple located in Jamui district. The history of this temple is linked to the Ramayana period. It is said that during the Ramayana period, Jatayu sacrificed his life here to save Mother Sita from Ravana. The mythological story is that when Ravana, the king of Lanka, was abducting Mother Sita by deceit, the bird king Jatayu fought with Ravana to save Mother Sita. It is said that Ravana had cut off the wings of Jatayu, after being badly injured in this fight, Jatayu fell on the mountain. Later this place was named Giddeshwar Pahad.

religious beliefs

According to mythology, people's wishes are fulfilled in Giddheshwar temple. The name of this temple is Giddheshwar by combining the words vulture and God. It is said that when Lord Ram reached the mountain in search of Mother Sita, it was the injured Jatayu who told Ravana how he had kidnapped Mother Sita by deceit. Jatayu told how he fought with Ravana to save mother Sita, but could not save her. After saying this, Jatayu sacrificed his life in the lap of Lord Rama. After which Lord Ram dedicated that place to Pakshiraj Jatayu, after which Giddheshwar temple was built at the same place.

Story of construction of Giddheshwar temple

It is popular in the stories that at the place where Pakshiraj had fallen with the severed wing of Jatayu, Lord Rama had asked his devotees to build a temple for Lord Shiva and Jatayu who had attained martyrdom. And it was said that now this mountain will be known as Giddheshwar mountain on which Giddheshwar temple should be built. And any devotee who comes to worship in this temple, his wishes will be fulfilled.

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