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Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Girl's Hair Pulled Out For Not Knowing English, Father Files Complaint Against Teacher


Betul News: A case has come to light in a government school in Betul, Madhya Pradesh, where a teacher pulled out the hair of a minor girl for not knowing English. Today on Tuesday, during the public hearing, the father accompanied the girl and lodged a complaint against the school teacher. She told that her daughter was beaten by pulling her hair. In which his hair has been uprooted. After the matter came to light, DPC has talked about forming a team and conducting an investigation.

Father complained to the collector during the public hearing

Umesh Bamne, father of Chetna Bamne, who is studying in class 4 in the Government Boys Primary School of Khedlibazar, Betul, has filed an application during the public hearing of the Collector today, complaining that his daughter Chetna was being detained by the school teacher Purnima Sahu for not being able to speak English. Pulled hair while beating. Due to which the girl's hair has been uprooted and she is in a lot of pain. The incident is said to have taken place on December 15. Umesh Bamne told that the teacher also says that her daughter does not go to school, although she goes to school regularly. He said that the reason behind filing the complaint late was that Chetna's mother had passed away and he was raising his daughter alone. Due to this there has been a delay in filing the complaint.

Team formed to investigate the entire matter

DPC Sanjeev Srivastava heard the complaint made during the public hearing and after this a team was formed to investigate the entire matter. Srivastava told that school teacher Purnima Sahu has been accused of pulling hair and beating her as a punishment for not knowing English. It is being investigated and action will be taken as per the facts that emerge.

The teacher said the whole thing was baseless

Purnima Sahu, teacher of the children's primary school, Khedlibazar, told that the girl's father is a psycho and he harasses her. Has also threatened many times. The allegations that have been made against me. He is completely baseless. Children are scolded for not studying, it is possible that I might have scolded the girl too. I don't remember but there was no incident of assault and hair pulling which are being alleged.

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