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Thursday, December 14, 2023

Eating these things during pregnancy can make the child's brain sharp: Research

To ensure good health of the child and mother during pregnancy, a healthy diet and routine is recommended. Many medicines are taken to keep the child's brain healthy. Research has revealed that following this diet can make the child's brain sharp in the womb.

Have you ever thought that the brain of the child in the womb can be sharpened through food? Or the health of the newborn's brain can be further improved. This has come to light in a research published in The Sun. Research scientists say that the brain of the child in the womb can be benefited through Mediterranean diet.

During pregnancy, the mother has to take special care of her diet for the health of the child. Because every organ of the child develops during this period, the routine of the pregnant woman should be healthy. Even folic acid medicine is taken during pregnancy. Let us tell you how the brain health of the child in the womb can be improved naturally.

What does research say?

This research was done on 626 children in Spain whose mothers were asked to follow the Mediterranean diet routine of olive oil and walnuts during pregnancy. This research was published in JAMA Network. The participating women were divided into two groups. In which one group was advised to follow the Mediterranean diet routine.

Those who were on this diet were made to consume extra virgin olive oil and walnuts. Fruits and vegetables and coarse grains were given for healthy fats. Apart from this, it was advised to consume less dairy products and red meat.

This came to light in research

According to research, the IQ level of children of women who were given Mediterranean diet was checked after two years. The special thing is that his score was higher than others. Such children also had more emotional feelings.

What is Mediterranean diet?

Actually, this is a plant best diet in which consumption of fruits, vegetables, dry fruits, olive oil and authentic spices is advised. The person following this diet also eats sea food or fish at least twice a week. For protein, you can eat low fat cheese and egg, but it is advised to eat this also in limit.

You get these benefits

Experts say that Mediterranean diet has many benefits. This reduces the risk of cancer, apart from this, fatal diseases like Alzheimer's, diabetes and breast cancer also stay away from us. This diet can prove to be the best option for those who want to lose weight.

Keep these things in mind

– People following this diet should consume only plant based foods like pulses, beans, seeds and coarse grains.

– It is best to choose healthy things like olive oil instead of butter or other fats.

– At least red meat should be eaten. It is good to eat it once a week.

– Enhance the flavor of your food with other spices or herbs instead of salt.

– Drink red wine in moderation and exercise regularly.

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