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Tuesday, December 5, 2023

China gave a blow to Taliban, said if you want good friendship then do this first

Relations between China and Taliban have not been like India. The Taliban government is continuously maintaining diplomatic relations with China, but there are some ifs and buts in it. Today the spokesperson of China's Foreign Ministry has said some things in this direction.

China has said that if Afghanistan wants to fully restore diplomatic relations with Beijing, it will have to make some important reforms. China has said in clear words that the current Taliban regime in Afghanistan not only needs changes in political matters but also needs to strengthen the security system of the country. Besides, China has also told the Taliban that first you should improve relations with your neighbors and then China will completely restore diplomatic relations with you.

There are diplomatic talks between Beijing and Kabul, but China still does not fully recognize the Taliban regime. Yes, the ambassadors of both the countries definitely keep calling and welcoming each other. Wang Wenbin is the spokesperson of China's Foreign Ministry. He has said that China believes that Afghanistan should not be isolated from the international community. At the same time, he has also expressed hope that in the coming days, Afghanistan will also pay attention to the expectations of the world from the Taliban government.

China is helping Afghanistan

In the month of August 2021, Taliban overthrew the government of Afghanistan and took control of the country. All this happened when the American government very hastily evacuated its army from Afghanistan. In the two years since then, no country has recognized the government of Afghanistan. However, the Chinese government has been continuously talking to the Taliban. Following Taliban's assurance that it will not allow any kind of terrorism to flourish on its soil, the Chinese government is providing financial aid to Afghanistan and is also continuously investing.

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