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Monday, December 11, 2023

Big update on Aadhaar, new guidelines implemented from Kashmir to Kanyakumari


To enroll in Aadhaar, fingerprints of any person are very important. What would one do if one had no fingers? The government has found a solution to this also. If a person does not have fingerprints then his enrollment in Aadhaar can be done by taking his iris scan. This statement has been given by State Minister for Electronics and IT Rajiv Chandrashekhar. In fact, a woman named Josimol P Jose in Kerala was not able to enroll in Aadhaar. The reason for this was that the woman had no fingers in her hands. To enroll a woman in Aadhaar, it has been said that she will have to do an iris scan. This means that if someone does not have fingers that his iris will be scanned. The statement said that a UIDAI team went to Jose's house in Kumarakam in Kottayam district of Kerala on the same day and prepared the Aadhaar number.

Guidelines reached across all centers

Chandrashekhar said that an advisory has been sent to all Aadhaar service centers in which it has been directed that people like Jose or those whose fingerprints have been blurred should take alternative biometrics. According to the minister's statement, a person who is eligible for Aadhaar and is unable to provide fingerprints can make nomination using only the iris scan. Similarly, if an eligible person whose iris cannot be captured for any reason, he can enroll using his fingerprint only.

Even after that the basis will be formed

On the other hand, if someone cannot provide either fingerprints or iris scan. Even then you can enroll yourself in Aadhaar. According to the statement, if a person is unable to provide finger and iris biometrics, his name, gender, address and date of birth are matched with the available biometrics. According to the minister's statement, if an eligible person is unable to provide biometrics and has gone through the enrollment process and submits all the documents, then his Aadhaar number can be issued.

29 lakh Aadhaar numbers issued

UIDAI also investigated the reasons why Jose was not issued an Aadhaar number when he first enroled. Investigation revealed that the Aadhaar enrollment operator had not followed the extraordinary enrollment process. UIDAI is enrolling around 1,000 people in Aadhaar every day under extraordinary enrolment. So far, UIDAI has issued Aadhaar numbers to about 29 lakh people whose fingers were missing or both finger and iris biometrics were not available.

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