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Monday, December 25, 2023

Atal Bihari Vajpayee Was Also A Poet At Heart, Read His 5 Popular Poems On His Birthday.

Poems of Atal Bihari Vajpayee : Today is the birthday of former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee. He was a leader who was respected equally by people of all parties. His personality was very dignified, he was the bearer of liberal ideas and was very sociable by nature. Even though he may have been in BJP, leaders of other parties including Congress have also been counted among his close friends and admirers. Along with this, there is another aspect of him which is known to everyone. He has also been a good poet and his poems have become quite popular. Today on his birth anniversary, we have brought for you 5 of his popular poems.

Poems of Atal Vihari Vajpayee

I sing a new song

I sing a new song

The sound of spring burst from the broken stars,
new sprouts have grown in the chest of the stone,
all the yellow leaves have fallen,
the cuckoo's call in the night

Seeing Arunim in Prachi, I know that
I will sing a new song.

Who will listen to the broken dreams, the
sobs tearing the pain from within, the pain on the eyelids,
I will not accept defeat,
I will make a new determination,

I erase what I write on the skull of time
and sing a new song.


let's light the lamp again

Come let's light the lamp again
In the dark afternoon
the sun is defeated by the shadow Let's squeeze the
innermost love Rekindle the extinguished wick Come let's light the lamp again

Let us understand the destination as the goal;
out of sight
in the illusion of the present;
do not forget the tomorrow;
let's light the lamp again.

The rest of the yagya is incomplete,
surrounded by the obstacles of our own people, let us melt the bones of the newlyweds
to make the thunderbolt of the final victory, let us light the lamp again.


Will have to walk together 

Obstacles come, let us be
surrounded by the fierce clouds of doomsday,
embers under our feet,
if flames rain on our heads, we will have to burn
ourselves laughingly by setting fire to our hands . Will have to walk together.

We will have to grow in laughter and crying, in storms,
in innumerable sacrifices,
in gardens, in deserts, in
insults, in honours, with
raised head, raised chest,
in pain.
Will have to walk together.

In light, in darkness, in
tomorrow's chaos, in the midst of torrents,
in extreme hatred, in intense love,
in momentary victory, in long defeat,
all the attractive
desires of life will have to be molded.
Will have to walk together.

If the goal path is spread in front of you,
progress is eternal, what kind of end is it now,
what kind of labor is happy and cheerful, what kind of labor is slow,
unsuccessful and successful, similar desires,
giving everything and not asking for anything, you
will have to become a saint.
Will have to walk together.

Life adorned with some thorns,
youth deprived of intense love,
Madhuban vocalized in silence,
one's body and mind offered to others,
life in complete sacrifice,
will have to burn, will have to melt.
Will have to walk together.


Who is Kaurava who is Pandava? 

Who is Kaurava
and who is Pandava
is a tricky question. There is a false web of Shakuni spread
on both sides . Dharamraj has not given up his gambling addiction. Panchali is humiliated in every panchayat . Today Mahabharata has to happen without Krishna , no one will become the king, the pauper will have to cry.

the day will shine again 

Celebrating Independence Day,
amidst new slavery;
Dry earth, desolate amber,
mud in the courtyard of the mind;
There is mud in the courtyard of the mind,
all the lotuses have withered;
One by one the lamps were extinguished,
darkness prevailed;
Say, prisoner Kabiray,
please do your little thing;
Rip Nisha's chest
will shine again someday.

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