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Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Why is World Diabetes Day celebrated, know its importance, control sugar like this


World Diabetes Day 2023: Today, there are crores of diabetes patients across the country. There is no cure for this disease, but if proper eating habits and diet are maintained then this disease can be controlled. Whenever diabetic patients are even a little careless about eating and drinking. So the blood sugar level in their body increases significantly. To control this, they have to increase the intake of insulin from outside.

If you have diabetes, you have to take medicines throughout your life, because even today doctors have no cure for this disease. According to a report, there are 10.1 crore diabetes patients in India. Constant awareness is created to prevent this disease from spreading to other people. In this context, 'World Diabetes Day' is celebrated every year on 14 November across the country. Let us know more about this disease.

Know the history of World Diabetes Day

Making today World Diabetes Day across the world was started in 1991. The International Diabetes Foundation and the World Health Organization had expressed concern about the increasing cases of this disease. After which in 2006 the United Nations recognized this day as World Diabetes Day.

due to diabetes

In today's time, bad lifestyle is the biggest reason due to which people are becoming victims of diabetes at an early age. The high calorie foods we eat outside are accumulating extra fat in our body. Due to which there is a possibility of diabetes. To avoid diabetes, you will have to first change your eating habits. Apart from this, genetics can also become a reason for the occurrence of sugar.

Are these people at greater risk of diabetes?

People who are overweight remain at risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Therefore, it is very important to reduce weight. If your weight is according to your body then your risk is less. But if your weight has increased due to your wrong eating habits, then there is also a risk of diabetes. Stress can also make us a diabetes patient.

How to prevent diabetes?

If you want not to have diabetes then first of all make a habit of exercising. By exercising, your body will not only remain fit but your risk of getting diabetes will also be reduced. Make a habit of exercising for at least 30 minutes, drink plenty of water during the day. Also, consume less things made from flour and sugar in your food.

What should diabetic patients eat?

Sugar patients should have heavy breakfast, which will keep them fresh throughout the day. You can eat healthy things like porridge, oats, chickpeas for breakfast. Apart from this, definitely include green vegetables in your diet, along with fruits, you can eat orange, seasonal, papaya, apple and kiwi fruits. Which is beneficial for sugar patients.

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