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Monday, November 6, 2023

Thyroid: There are two types of thyroid, if you see these symptoms then do not ignore them even by mistake.

Although anyone can have thyroid problem, this disease is quite common in women. Imbalance of hormones produced by the thyroid gland causes two types of thyroid problems and its symptoms also appear different, which should not be ignored.

Thyroid problems are generally seen in women, although many men also suffer from thyroid. This disease occurs due to hormonal imbalance in the body. There is a butterfly shaped thyroid gland present in our throat, which produces hormones. When for some reason the functionality of this endocrine gland is affected, the hormones become unbalanced. Due to which one has to suffer from thyroid problem. If you suffer from this disease, you may have to face many health related problems. Most people do not pay attention to small changes occurring in the body, but this problem can become serious.

There are two types of thyroid. When thyroid hormone is produced in excess in the body then the problem of 'hyperthyroidism' occurs and when this hormone is produced in less quantity then the person becomes a victim of 'hypothyroidism'. If attention is paid to the initial symptoms of thyroid, it can be controlled by making changes in lifestyle and with some treatment. Therefore its symptoms should not be ignored.

These symptoms are seen in hyperthyroidism

If someone has the problem of hyperthyroidism, then symptoms like weight loss, increased appetite, muscle weakness and pain, rapid heartbeat, feeling nervous, irritability and excessive sweating start appearing.

What are the symptoms of hypothyroidism?

When someone is suffering from hypothyroidism, he has to face problems like less sweating, excessive hair fall, fatigue, swelling on the face, constipation, feeling stressed, feeling less heartbeat, stiffness in muscles, pain in joints. Is.

Avoid these things

If you are experiencing symptoms of thyroid then do not consume soybean and its products, because phytoestrogen is found in soybean which can affect the efficiency of the enzyme that produces thyroid hormone. Apart from this, a person suffering from this disease should also avoid alcohol, caffeine containing things like tea-coffee, excessive sweets and processed foods.

Make these changes in lifestyle

To stay healthy, it is very important to take out some time every day for exercise. Even in case of thyroid problem, working out daily can be very beneficial, because with this you are able to maintain your weight. Include vegetables like ridge gourd, gourd, parwal, mushroom in your diet. Apart from this, foods like cow's milk, coconut water, green tea, almonds, peanuts are also beneficial.

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