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Sunday, November 5, 2023

This is how India's 'Indri' became the world's best liquor, these brands are included in the top-10 list

Alcohol may be a bad thing, but winning the number 1 title is a big thing for Indians. The intoxication of whiskey made in India is spreading all over the world. Recently, after tasting around 100 single malt whiskeys from around the world, a whiskey made in India has been considered the best. In such a situation, let us know how Indri became the world's best whiskey...

The popularity of whiskey made in India continues across the world. Recently, a whiskey made in India has won the title of being the world's best by defeating the best whiskey in the world. This Indian whiskey has been selected as the best whiskey brand in the world by Whiskey of the World. Indri Diwali Collector's Edition 2023 received the Double Gold Best in Show award at one of the world's largest whiskey-tasting competitions, which sees over 100 whiskey varieties from across the world participate every year.

But Indri has not just become the world's best whiskey. There is decades old hard work behind this. Actually, when this whiskey was being made in India in the 70-80s, its aim was that one day it could compete with the world's top whiskeys, Scotch and Bourbon. Which now seems to be coming true. Many whiskeys including India's Indri have now given tough competition to the world's big brands and have overtaken them.

This is how the world became best

In the 70-80s, there was a ban on exporting whiskey to the world in India. But when the ban was gradually lifted in the 90s, the fortunes of Indian whiskey started turning around. People started exploring new brands and different liquors. Last year, Indian whiskeys overtook France in terms of volume and this year it also won the title of World Best Whiskey.

This three decade old company had 28 thousand barrels of malt in the year 2021, which was stored in its warehouses for seven years. Although Scotland is called the home of whiskies, but due to the hot climate of India, whiskey is made twice as fast here. Piccadilly's whiskey was created by master blender Surinder Kumar, a former distiller at Amrit Distilleries.

so much liquor sold

From its launch in 2021 to fiscal year 2023, Piccadilly has sold 18 thousand cases of Indri Trini. Even in the first half of the year, which is considered a weak period for spirits sales, it has achieved record breaking earnings. It also started selling whiskey at duty-free shops at half a dozen Indian airports last month. The company is increasing its capacity to avoid mismatch of supply and demand. The plan is to increase its capacity from 12 thousand liters of malt per day to 20 thousand liters by April next year. Its price is also affordable, you can buy it for Rs 3100.

Similarly, Indri's Scotch rival Glenlivet has sold 95 thousand cases priced at Rs 6,000 per bottle, depending on the location of the shops. Whereas, Jack Daniel had sold 1 lakh 28 thousand cases last year. Both these companies have been in India for more than a decade. Piccadilly's business shift has also increased their profits. The spirits business is doing well compared to the low margin sugar business. It is believed that in the next 5 years the branded spirits business will overtake both bulk malt and sugar.

These are included in the top 10

Apart from Indri, India-made Amrit's Diwali Edition, Amrit Fusion, Rampur Whiskey are also included in the top list. Indri Whiskey is available in 19 states of India and 17 countries of the world. If you buy Indri Single Malt Indian Whiskey in Delhi, a 750 Ml bottle will cost you around Rs 3,700. It is around Rs 3,940 in Noida, Rs 5,100 in Mumbai, Rs 3,150 in Goa.

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