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Sunday, November 5, 2023

Priyanka Gandhi again angry at Israel, said- massacre of 5000 children in Gaza, appeal for ceasefire

The war between Israel and Hamas has taken a dangerous form. More or less 11 thousand people have been killed in Gaza so far. At present there has been no appeal for ceasefire from India's side. Meanwhile, Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi is continuously attacking Israel. He has appealed for immediate ceasefire in Gaza.

The ongoing war between Israel and Hamas has shocked the world. Newspapers and TV news channels are filled with horrific pictures of the massacre taking place on both sides. Appeals are being made from all sides to stop this massacre. The same is being seen in India also. Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra is continuously talking about stopping the massacre going on in Gaza, Palestine. By posting on social media site X (earlier Twitter), he has called for stopping the massacre on both sides. He says that ceasefire is the only solution to this war, otherwise nothing will be left.

In her post, Priyanka said that approximately 10,000 people, including more than 5000 children, have been massacred. This is very shameful. Families have been destroyed. Hospitals and ambulances have been bombed, refugee camps have been targeted and yet the so-called leaders of the 'Free' World are supporting genocide in Palestine. Ceasefire is the smallest step which should be implemented immediately by the international community otherwise it will have no moral authority.

Priyanka has been angry before also

Earlier, Priyanka had expressed her displeasure over India abstaining from voting on maintaining peace in Gaza in the United Nations General Assembly. He had said that he was surprised at this attitude of India. He believes that abstaining from voting is a denial of the principles of non-violence, justice and peace that India has historically advocated. Priyanka had expressed grief over the death of innocent children in Gaza.

Why is there devastation?

On October 7, Hamas fired 5000 rockets simultaneously at Israel and attacked it. After this Israel started attacks in Gaza. More than 1400 people died in Israel in the Hamas attack, while many were injured. Israel's attacks have caused huge destruction in Gaza. More or less 11 thousand people have lost their lives. There are a large number of women and children in this. Israel says that the attacks are not going to stop until it destroys Hamas.

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