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Sunday, November 5, 2023

Now preparing for action against Mahua Moitra in 'cash-for-query' controversy! Ethics Committee called meeting on 7th November

Troubles for TMC MP Mahua Moitra, embroiled in the 'cash-for-query' controversy, are about to increase. The Ethics Committee of the Lok Sabha has called a meeting on November 7. In this meeting the Ethics Committee will prepare a draft and issue recommendations. The TMC MP was accused by BJP MLA Nishikant Dubey of asking questions in exchange for cash.

Preparations are now underway for action against TMC MP Mahua Moitra in the 'cash-for-query' controversy. On November 7, the Ethics Committee of Parliament called another meeting regarding the Mahua Moitra controversy. What decision the committee will take regarding Mahua Moitra will be finalized in this meeting. Before this, on November 2, Mahua Moitra had appeared before the committee and alleged that personal and immoral questions were asked to her.

After that allegation, the Ethics Committee is not giving Mahua Moitra a chance to clarify her position. A draft report of the decision taken on Mahua Moitra will be made in the meeting on 7th November itself. BJP MP Nishikant Dubey had accused Mahua of offering cash and gifts in exchange for asking questions.

The discussion and finalization of the draft report by the Ethics Committee means that Ethics Committee Chairman and BJP MP Vinod Kumar Sonkar has finalized his investigation. After finalizing the drafts, the committee will take decisions about them and a final decision can be taken.

Ethics committee called a meeting to approve the draft

There are 15 members in the Ethics Committee of Lok Sabha and BJP has majority in this committee. In such a situation, the Ethics Committee can take serious steps on the case of Mahua Moitra. Earlier in the committee meeting, Mahua Moitra had made many serious allegations against Chairman Sonkar.

Mahua Moitra had accused him of asking personal and immoral questions. Committee Chairman Vinod Kumar Sonkar had also denied such allegations.

Earlier, in the meeting held on November 2, JDU MP Girdhari Yadav, BSP MP Danish Ali and Congress MP N Uttam Kumar Reddy had accused Mahua Moitra of asking indecent, unethical and personal questions. Angered by this, the opposition MPs walked out of the meeting.

Mahua Moitra has made serious allegations against Nishikant Dubey

Let us tell you that Jharkhand BJP MP Nishikant Dubey had alleged that TMC MP Moitra had taken money and gifts from businessman Darshan Hiranandani for asking questions in Parliament. Accusing Mahua Moitra of endangering the security of the country, he had demanded the Lok Sabha Speaker to take action against her.

He had also written a letter to the Lokpal in this matter demanding action. It is alleged that Mahua Moitra has endangered the security of the country by giving the password of the Parliament login to someone else.

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