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Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Left family to protect Israel… Know the story of Rose Lubin, killed in Hamas attack

The war continues between Israel and Hamas. In this, Rose Lubin, who was in the Israeli army, has been killed. She came to Israel from America in 2019 and joined the army in 2022. People are calling him a true hero. Read Rose Lubin's full story here:

Rose Lubin immigrated to Israel alone without her family four years ago. She joined the Israel Defense Forces last year, worked as a fighter, and was killed in an attack in East Jerusalem on Monday. Her friends and commanders said about her that she was a true hero. She is the third female fighter to be martyred in the battle against terrorists in the Old City, after Lieutenant Hadar Cohen (in February 2016) and Colonel Hadas Malka (in June 2017).

Rose Lubin attacked with a knife

A 16-year-old terrorist from Issawiya attacked Rose Lubin with a knife while she was on a mission with two other fighters who were guarding Shalem Station near the Flower Gate. He was seriously injured in the attack and died from his injuries in hospital.

Rose lived in Kibbutz Saad in Otaf and was at home on the morning of October 7. As the terrorists advanced, she along with members of the standby squad moved towards the entrance with weapons to protect it, which was locked. She lived alone in the kibbutz. She joined the standby unit with weapons and guarded the entrance so that terrorists could not enter. Lt. Col. Dor Biton, commander of the Lavi company, said she was of great help when she went to a nearby kibbutzim to retrieve and secure the ambulance.

The company commander said, “We were in constant touch with him throughout that Saturday and he told us that he was ready for action with weapons. He told about the horrors he had seen, but this did not diminish his courage. We tried to make it easy for her and decided to give her rest, but she did not give up and on the very first day asked if she wanted to be a part of the operation.”

Left America and reached Israel

In 2019, Rose left her home in Georgia, USA. Said goodbye to her parents and four younger siblings and went to Israel alone. She studied at the Jewish Agency's Kibbutz Sde Eliyahu and joined the IDF in January 2022. The feeling of Israel burned inside him.

He said that no difficulty broke him. What he was interested in was leading missions and operations. He completed a fitness instructor course and trained police officers and his friends at the company. I remember a conversation with her father, who came to Israel to meet her and he told me that my girl was determined to stay there, she was fighting with her soul and she had made up her mind, she should stay with Israel. It is not possible to stop it.”

left a comfortable life

Paying tribute on Facebook, her relative wrote: “My cousin Rose was a sweet soul with an amazing voice. He left a comfortable life in Atlanta to join the IDF. She is our hero, we are all shocked.” She shared a video of another relative who had photographed her in Jerusalem last Friday. “This is our special soldier,” cousin Dove said, and Rose replied, “I love everyone, thank you for the support.”

Earlier this year, Rose spoke at a fundraising event in the US for the Friends of the IDF organisation, FIDF. The organization said, “Their courage and commitment to defend Israel despite great danger is a true inspiration. She touched our hearts when she said at the annual event, “Generations dream of reaching Jerusalem and we have the honor of defending it. Thank you Rose for your steadfast dedication. You will always remain in our hearts as a symbol of bravery.”

Tamar and Idan adopted Rose

Rose was adopted by Tamar and Idan James of Kibbutz Saad. He said, Rose came to us in August 2021 as part of the Zabar nucleus. From the beginning she said that she was going to MGB. It was a dream for him. He did everything for it: physical fitness, Hebrew studies, everything. She protected the old city and was full of pride.

Tamar expressed grief

Recalling the past month, Tamar said, on October 7 she was in the kibbutz. I called him to lock the house. At around 10 o'clock she and her friend left with the emergency squad for the security of the colony. He returned at eight in the evening. She was discharged last Monday and was at the Dead Sea Hotel, where we are staying. My children considered her as their aunt. She entered our home and heart. I try to find out for myself what I lost: a daughter? Aunt? Girl? I don't know anymore. This is a huge loss.”

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