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Monday, November 13, 2023

Hyderabad: Fire in chemical warehouse, flames reached fourth floor of apartment, 9 burnt to death

Six people died in a fire in an apartments located in Nampally area of ​​Hyderabad. 10 people were injured who are still unconscious. About 21 people have been saved. Police said that a sudden fire broke out in a chemical warehouse located below a four-storey apartments located in Bazaar Ghat in Nampally police station area. Many drams were filled with chemicals. The fire quickly spread throughout the apartments. The flames reached the fourth floor. The injured have been admitted to hospital. Keeping chemicals in apartments is considered very careless.

In the video that emerged from the incident site, it can be seen that the flames are rising high. Heavy smoke is rising and local people along with fire engines are trying to extinguish the fire. The fire was so terrible that smoke rising into the sky could be seen even from a distance away. There are many other houses in the vicinity but at present there is no news of any damage to the nearby houses.

Many vehicles burnt to ashes outside the building

It can be seen in the video that firefighters are rescuing people trapped in the building. People trapped inside the building have been rescued by taking stairs from outside. However, strong flames are rising near the building. Many vehicles were burnt to ashes in this accident. Many two-wheelers caught fire. A car parked outside the building also got burnt. It is not yet clear whether the car and two-wheeler belonged to the people living in the building, or were parked for repairs.

Firefighters brought the fire under control

The arson has been brought under control after firefighters rescued the people trapped in the building. After many efforts, the firefighters succeeded in extinguishing the fire. After this, heavy smoke started rising from the building. Local police is deployed on the spot. Meanwhile, they were taken out through the window of the house by using stairs from inside the building. Women and children were also taken out through the same route. The people injured in the accident have been admitted to a nearby hospital, where they are undergoing treatment.

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