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Sunday, November 5, 2023

How to protect small children from increasing pollution, learn prevention methods from the doctor

In today's time, not only the adults but also ttvhe children living at home are struggling with the increasing air pollution, pollution is having a very bad effect on the health of the children in their childhood itself. To know more about this, we have talked to experts, let us know in detail about the increasing air pollution.

Air pollution effects: The speed with which air pollution is polluting the environment around us, its side effects are now coming to light. Due to the continuously becoming poisonous air, people are facing problem in breathing, nowadays everyone is struggling with the problem of sore throat. Due to air pollution, children are also facing cough and breathing problems. Due to weak immunity, when children are breathing in spoiled air, they are falling ill very quickly. Now the question is whether children should be protected from this air pollution. How to protect yourself from poisonous air?

Senior Pediatrician of Delhi, Dr. Arun Shah says that if pollution is high then keep children indoors and can install air purifier device at home. Ask children to wear masks whenever they go out of the house and pay attention to their diet. Feed children green vegetables and fruits and make them drink at least eight glasses of water a day.

How to protect children from pollution?

Dr. says that at present the pollution has reached a very bad level, hence sending children out in the open without masks is making them sick. If children go out of the house, they should ensure that they are wearing a mask, because without a mask, toxic particles present in the air along with oxygen come in through breath, which causes disease.

A balanced diet is important

Dr. says that it is very important to improve your diet due to change in weather and air pollution. At this time, include more green vegetables and fruits in the diet of children and also completely avoid eating outside food at this time. . Due to slow wind speed, pollution is at its worst in the months of November and December, hence it is important to take a good diet at this time and also drink more water.

make the house pollution free

Dr. Arun Shah says that at present the level of pollution is serious, it has reached inside the houses, due to which children are not safe even inside the house and can get sick, hence open the windows and doors of the house only when necessary. . Wherever you see dust inside the house, clean it with a wet cloth. Clean the curtains of the house also because dust comes with the air and gets deposited on the curtains, which is also necessary to be removed, this dust can also make children sick.

how to protect

Dr. says that if we want to protect children from air pollution, we will have to keep their eating habits correct, if necessary, children should wear masks when they go out and also install air purifiers inside the house. Keep the house clean and keep giving lukewarm water to the children.

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