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Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Health Tips: Do not ignore the warts appearing in the neck and underarms, this can be a serious disease.

People generally ignore the warts appearing on the skin as a common problem and many times they try expensive creams or even hacks to remove the warts, which can be quite harmful. The reason behind appearance of warts can also be some serious problem.

The appearance of moles and warts on the body is often considered normal. However, sometimes there may be a health problem behind them. Pimple-like moles on the body should not be ignored, especially when they are on your neck or underarms. Many times people adopt ointments, creams and home remedies to remove warts. By doing this, not only can the warts come back, but it can also cause serious harm to you, therefore, without knowing the reason for the appearance of abnormal warts on the skin, you should not remove them on your own.

If brown pimple like warts are appearing in and around the neck or underarms, then it is very important to understand the root cause before removing them. For this, any treatment should be taken after proper examination by a doctor. For now, let us know what could be the reason behind the appearance of warts.

papilloma virus

If warts are appearing on the facial skin then papilloma virus may be behind it. According to Dr. Bhavuk Dheer of RML Hospital, the problem of appearance of warts can occur due to the entry of papilloma virus in the human body. Therefore attention should be paid to this. Papilloma virus can enter the body if there is a cut in the skin, hence special care should be taken in case of wound.

This could also be the reason

Abnormal appearance of warts on the skin can also be due to imbalance of insulin levels in the body. Therefore, before getting the wart removed, definitely get it checked. Reduce extra sugar from food and also choose snacks etc. wisely. Include fiber rich foods in your diet.

There is fear of infection

If warts have appeared on the body due to infection caused by papilloma virus, then one should avoid using the towel, soap, shaving kit etc. of the infected person. Also, even if you have touched a wart, take special care of hygiene, because there is a fear of getting infection due to this.

Is there a risk of cancer?

Signs like formation of patches on the skin, sudden emergence of warts and increase in their size and problem of bleeding from moles on the skin should not be ignored, these can be symptoms of skin cancer.

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