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Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Health Care: These parts of the body indicate diabetes, if you do not pay attention then it will prove costly.

Diabetes remains a serious problem worldwide. It is a matter of great concern that young people and children are affected by this disease after the age of 50. The risk of many other diseases also increases in a person suffering from diabetes. Therefore, attention should be paid to the symptoms in time.

Diabetes seems to be spreading like an epidemic. The problem of diabetes is seen in elders or youngsters and even in children. Today, crores of people around the world are suffering from this disease. Its scope seems to be increasing in India also. According to doctors, bad eating habits and inadequate physical activity are the causes of type-2 diabetes. Many researches show that type 2 diabetes can affect other parts of the body as well. Therefore, one should pay attention to its symptoms in time and make appropriate changes in lifestyle, because till now there is no exact treatment for this disease.

In diabetes, abstinence is most important. As soon as symptoms appear, testing should be done immediately. Along with this, it becomes very important to keep blood sugar under control, otherwise this problem can affect other parts of the body, due to which the risk of death also increases. Know which organs can be adversely affected by increase in blood sugar.

risk of kidney failure

The risk of kidney damage also increases in diabetic people. According to Dr. Sumit Sharma, HOD, Department of Urology, Uro-Oncology at Sanar International Hospital, in many cases of diabetes, kidney health starts deteriorating, which is very important to prevent. Therefore, pay attention to symptoms like frequent urination, swelling in the ankles and keep getting cholesterol checked to keep the kidneys healthy. Also, try to keep blood pressure under control and consume salt in limited quantities.

Effect of diabetes on eyesight

If high blood sugar is not controlled, it starts affecting the eyes too, because increased blood sugar can reduce blood circulation in the eyes and cause damage to the vessels through which blood reaches the retina of the eyes. This may cause the problem of retinopathy. Therefore, if there is any problem related to eyes like blurred vision, then immediately contact a doctor and get tested for diabetes and regular eye checkups should also be done.

Risk of heart diseases increases

Weight may increase due to diabetes. Due to which the problem of blood pressure and bad cholesterol also starts increasing, which is not good for your heart health. Because of this the risk of getting heart disease also increases.

Pay attention to these symptoms

In the initial phase of diabetes, symptoms like numbness in hands and feet, tingling sensation, bleeding gums, bad breath, non-healing wounds, loose teeth, problem of frequent urination (especially at night), etc. should not be ignored. Needed.

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