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Monday, November 6, 2023

Explainer- Now traffic e-challan fraud has come to light, how it works, what is the way to avoid it, understand the whole thing.

In the digital world, thieves and swindlers have also found new methods. Every day you must be reading news of new types of online scams. Now the new way to commit fraud is through traffic e-challan. How does it work, what is the way to avoid it? You will get the answer to every question here...

In today's time, fraudsters have invented new ways of cheating. You too must be reading news of scams in some new way every day. Sometimes through online dating apps, sometimes through missed video calls on WhatsApp, sometimes by sending fake links, fraudsters have found ways of online fraud. A web series 'Jamtara' made by Netflix has also been made on the same subject. Now there is a new way to commit fraud through traffic e-challan.

To improve the traffic system across the country, cameras have been installed on the roads to detect speed cameras and red light violations. Now the traffic police does not hand over the challan to the people, rather the challan is automatically sent to the people's phone number through SMS. This is where the fraudsters have found a way to cheat.

How does traffic e-challan fraud happen?

Fraudsters are scamming people by sending SMS of traffic e-challan. Often such a message comes on people's phones which starts with 'Your challan number**. Your vehicle number will be **…'. There is a link to fill the challan in this. This is where thugs take advantage of people's fear. As soon as they click on this link, they are guaranteed to get a profit of Rs 500 to Rs 5000. So how can this be prevented?

This is how to avoid traffic e-challan fraud

Suppose you have received such an SMS, then there is absolutely no need to panic. Even if your e-challan is disconnected, you still get enough time to fill it, so do not click on the link in a hurry. Rather, you should collect the correct information about your challan and only then proceed with filling it.

You can check whether there is any e-challan on your vehicle number or not on the national portal of the Transport Department https://echallan.parivahan.gov.in . Its mobile app is also available. Also, Ministry of Road Transport, Ministry of Information Technology and PIB Fact Check keep sharing guidelines related to this from time to time. Pay attention to that. That means be careful and alert.

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