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Sunday, November 5, 2023

Elimination of Hamas, capture of Gaza, will build a military base - Israel's secret plan leaked!

A secret document has been leaked amid the war between Israel and Hamas. In this, a plan has been presented for the evacuation of Gaza, its capture and its future use. The Israeli army is fighting a war with Hamas on the pattern suggested in this document. Let us know what is Israel's secret plan for Gaza?

Amidst the war with Hamas, Israel's big planning regarding Gaza has been revealed. Israel's intentions were exposed after a secret document was leaked. The Intelligence Ministry has prepared a plan for Gaza, in which it has been planned to evacuate 22 lakh population from Gaza and shift them to neighboring Egypt. In the leaked Israeli document, three options have been prepared regarding Gaza. This document was prepared only six days after the October 7 attack by Hamas.

The 10-page secret document also has the logo of the Israeli Intelligence Ministry, which is a government institution. The institute carries out policy-making work for the Army and other ministries, and presents its proposals to the Army and other ministries. Let us tell you that at present no official statement has come from Israel on the leaked document. Nor has America itself commented on this.

The first suggestion made in the leaked document of the Israeli government is that the responsibility of Gaza could again be given to the Palestine Authority, which was ousted from Gaza by defeating Hamas in the 2007 elections. In this situation the entire population can remain in Gaza only.

A local Arab non-Islamic political leadership should be formed in Gaza who will work for the population of Gaza. However, it is not clear whether the potential new leadership will work according to the policies of the Palestine Authority or whether Israeli policies will be implemented.

It has been said in the document that the third option could be to shift all the 22 lakh population of Gaza to the Sinai province captured from Egypt. Israel will benefit greatly from this. The city can be used as a military base. This will have long term consequences.

There is no plan to capture Gaza, both America and Israel said this

Israeli forces have entered Gaza with the intention that they will return after destroying Hamas bases. US President Joe Biden has said in his own words that Israel has no plans to capture the Gaza Strip. It was also said that “recapture of Gaza would be a big mistake for Israel.” After this, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu himself had clearly said that the army will not capture Gaza. Their plan is only to destroy Hamas. However, now that Israel's intentions have been exposed, the alleged lies of America and Israel have also been exposed.

Plan ready to ensure Palestinians do not return to Gaza again

The Israeli document says that it may be easier to evacuate the population of Gaza in the midst of a war. For this, a temporary camp can be built in Sinai and later a permanent house can be built here and it can be turned into a city. After the population of Gaza is shifted to Sinai, it has also been suggested to create a sterile zone, so that the Palestinian population cannot return to Gaza again. It is suggested that international support will be required for this.

How will we capture Gaza?

Although there has been no official comment from Israel on this leaked document, the Israeli war pattern is based precisely on this document. For example, there is a plan to evacuate Palestinians from Gaza in three phases. First, Israel should bomb Gaza rapidly. Second, shift the population living in the north to the south so that they leave Gaza and start going to Egypt themselves. Third, ground attacks should be carried out in Gaza and Hamas bases should be destroyed, so that the entire Gaza Strip can be captured.

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