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Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Diwali 2023: Celebrate eco-friendly, green and clean Diwali this time, just follow these simple tips

Happy Diwali: Everyone is excited to celebrate Diwali, but this time the level of pollution in Delhi has increased a lot. You can celebrate a happy Diwali in an eco-friendly manner with the help of some tips.

Diwali festival will be celebrated with pomp across the country on 12 November 2023, but while only a few days are left for Diwali, the pollution in the air of Delhi has increased the concern. Poor air quality has made breathing difficult. If firecrackers are burnt on Diwali then obviously there can be an increase in pollution which is harmful for everyone's health. It is everyone's duty to contribute in keeping the environment clean. For this, celebrate eco-friendly Diwali this time.

Diwali is a festival of happiness, so do not reduce the excitement of your festival, but with the help of some tips you can celebrate eco-friendly, green and clean Diwali.

Use solar light

On Diwali, everywhere from shops to big buildings, offices and houses, everything is bathed in sparkling lights. This time use solar lights for lighting.

Refer gifts and sweets to be eco friendly

If you want to give gifts or sweets to your loved ones on Diwali, instead of using plastic in the name of sustainable packaging, choose eco-friendly packing. If you want, you can pack sweets and gifts nicely at home by bringing colorful paper.

Give preference to earthen lamps

Nowadays, many types of lamp options are available in the market. Earthen lamps have now been replaced by colorful candles. This Diwali, illuminate your home with earthen lamps made in the traditional way. After Diwali, these lamps do not generate any waste because they can be composted back.

Make rangoli in this way

If Rangoli is not made on the courtyard and door on Diwali, it seems incomplete. This time, instead of buying chemical colors from the market, make rangoli using flower petals and spices. You can give natural color to rice with flower colors and use it in rangoli. With this not only you can make eco-friendly rangoli. Rather, everyone will praise your unique way.

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