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Thursday, November 16, 2023

Chhath puja is incomplete without 'Thekua', why is it necessary for Prasad?

During Chhath Puja, many dishes are made for Chhathi Maiya, but it is said that Chhath Puja is incomplete without 'Thekua'. Can Chhath Puja be done without Thekua? What is its importance and what is the recipe to make it?

Chhath Puja Thekua Recipe: The great festival of faith, Chhath, is starting from 17th November. This festival lasts for 4 days, which starts with Nahay-Khay and Chhath Puja ends by offering water to the Sun on the fourth day. Many dishes are prepared during Chhath festival. For example, on the day of Kharna, jaggery and rice kheer are made, apart from this many types of vegetables are made, but one thing which is most special is Thekua. As soon as the name of Chhath comes, the name of Thekua definitely comes to mind, because it is especially kept in the Prasad.

Thekua is offered to Chhathi Maiya as well as the Sun God. Thekua Prasad is made of wheat flour, jaggery and semolina. This is a special dish made during Chhath Puja. Which is made in the homes of all the devotees who celebrate Chhath Puja, but the question is whether Chhath puja can be done even without Thekua.

Can Chhath Puja be done without Thekua?

Thekua is a special Prasad of Chhath, which is specially made by the fasting person and his family together, without it the worship of Chhath is considered incomplete. Those who do not observe Chhath fast, they themselves ask for Thekua Prasad. . In many areas, Thekua is made by grinding the flour of the new wheat crop, especially keeping in mind the cleanliness.

How is Thekua made?

For Chhath Puja, you have to take flour according to the amount of Thekua you want to make. You have to keep the quantity of ghee according to the flour. Then mix ghee well in the flour. You have to add dry fruits in the prasad as per your taste. You can add coconut powder, fennel, cardamom seeds powder and raisins to dry fruits.

After that melt the sugar and mix it well. Now knead it by adding milk little by little. After this, you will get wooden molds from the market, in which you have to apply the prepared mixture. If your mixture is sticking, then apply ghee and stick them.

To make as crispy thekua as you want, it is important for the mixture to be perfect. When the mixture dries in the mold, heat ghee in a deep pan on high flame. Then put some thekua in the pan and fry it till it turns golden from both the sides. Similarly, you have to make all the thekua yourself.

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