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Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Chhath Puja 2023: Pumpkin rice is definitely made on the first day of Chhath, know what is the traditional recipe.

 A different celebration is seen during Chhath in Bihar. It is said that Chhath is not just a festival but a faith and emotion with which people are deeply connected. This three-day long festival day will start on Friday, 17 November 2023 and will end on Monday, 20 November 2023. The festival of Chhath is not just a celebration, but it is a way of expressing our gratitude towards nature, both men and women observe this fast, Chhath starts with bathing and on this day special pumpkin rice is prepared. Is.

Everyone knows about Thekua, which is offered on Chhath festival and people eat it with great enthusiasm. Pumpkin rice prepared during this period is also one of the most popular recipes. On the day of Nahay Khae, Chhath fast is started only after eating gram dal, arva rice and pumpkin vegetable. So let's know the traditional recipe.

These ingredients will be required to make pumpkin rice

In Bihar, gourd is also known as pumpkin. Therefore, for the recipe of Pumpkin Rice, you will need half kilo bottle gourd, half cup gram dal, rock salt as per taste. About half a teaspoon turmeric powder, about a cup of water, two chopped green chillies. With this you will need rice of your choice.

Ingredients for Tadka

Half teaspoon cumin, one-fourth teaspoon asafoetida, one to two teaspoons ghee, one to two dry red chillies, two to three bay leaves.

Make rice like this

Before cooking, wash the rice thoroughly with water and soak it for half an hour. Now put twice the amount of rice in a deep and thick bottomed vessel on fire. That means if you have one bowl of rice then keep two bowls of water for boiling. When the water boils, add soaked rice in it, along with one spoon of ghee and a little rock salt. Now cover and cook on medium flame, when the water starts drying, reduce the flame. Rice will be ready in some time.

How to make pumpkin and gram dal curry

First of all, boil bottle gourd and gram dal with a cup of water in the cooker, also add turmeric powder and rock salt to it. You can also add some ghee. Due to this water does not come out of the cooker. After one to two whistles, turn off the gas and check that the gourd and lentils are cooked properly.

Method of seasoning vegetables

Heat ghee or oil in a pan, add cumin seeds and crackle, then add bay leaves, chopped green chillies, dry chillies and then asafoetida. You can also add one spoon ginger paste in it. Now stir it for two minutes and add boiled gram dal and bottle gourd. Knead it lightly with a spoon and cook until it gets a good texture. Your pumpkin rice recipe is ready. If you cook this entire dish on an earthen stove, it tastes even better.

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