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Monday, October 16, 2023

You should not eat processed food during fasting, know why?

Processed food contains more salt, sugar and chemicals and eating it during fasting can be harmful. Let us know how?

Fasting Processed Food : Nowadays, many processed foods are available in the market to eat during fasting. Such as ready-to-drink fasting juices, protein shakes, various types of energy drinks, potato chips, Ramdana laddu, etc., processed foods are available in the market. . During fasting, cooking food and cleaning the kitchen seems to be a tiring task, hence people find it easier to buy ready-made processed food from the market. But it should not be forgotten that the main purpose of fasting is to give rest and detox to the body. Is. Whereas processed food in the market contains extra salt, sugar and chemicals, which is not good for health when eaten during fasting. 

 Know how processed food causes harm. 

Excessive amount of sugar, salt and unhealthy fat present in processed food is harmful for fasting. Consuming these processed foods can cause the blood sugar level to increase or decrease rapidly, which leads to feeling hungry and increases the risk of overeating. Many researches have also proved that continuously consuming such processed food can lead to weight gain and problems like obesity, diabetes. Therefore, during fasting, processed food should be completely avoided and a nutritious diet should be taken. Like fresh fruits, home cooked fasting food etc. should be eaten.

What is processed food? 

Processed food is food on which some processing has been done. As it is pre-packaged, different types of chemicals and preservatives are added to it so that it can remain well for a long time. Because of this, processed food does not remain in its natural state. These contain excessive salt, sugar and fat which is not good for our health. During fasting, one should not eat processed food from outside at all. 

Disclaimer: Before implementing the method, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, please consult a doctor or related expert.

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