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Thursday, October 5, 2023

Why is Maldives important for India, is China playing a new trick by making the new President a pawn?

After the elections in Maldives, the new President Mohammed Muizu has been elected. He is considered closer to China than India. Is it on this pretext that China is now making such a plan which will be harmful for India's economy?

The new President Mohammed Muizzu has been elected in Maldives. He is said to be close to China and his election campaign has also been focused on slogans like 'India Out'. Now the thing to think about is whether China is making some big game plan on the pretext of the new President of Maldives? Why is Maldives so important for India's economy?

We can start understanding this by saying that China wants to make such trade agreements with Maldives, which will benefit Maldives less and benefit it more. This is part of China's 'debt trap'. We have seen the best example of this in our neighboring countries Sri Lanka and Pakistan. Therefore, Maldives is important for us from a strategic point of view, which is also linked to the economy to some extent.

India's stake in Maldives

Now if the friendship between China and Maldives deepens, then there will definitely be a change in the economy of the Indian Ocean. India is currently the biggest power in the region. However, Mohammed Sharif Mundhu, foreign affairs advisor to the new Maldives President Mohammed Muizzu, recently said that he does not think there will be any tension in the relations of the new government with New Delhi. On the contrary, Maldives feels that India will remain the biggest stakeholder in the security of the Indian Ocean region.

Maldives is just 70 nautical miles away from the island regions of India. In such a situation, it comes within the range of patrolling war ships of India. In his earlier speeches, the new President of Maldives has termed this presence of India as an attack on his sovereignty.

Maldives and India complement each other

The economy of Maldives runs on tourism. There is a large population going to Maldives from India. In such a situation, Maldives needs India for its economy, while India needs Maldives for security from China and to save its economy. Not only this, India has strengthened its economic relations with Maldives.

In July this year, 9 MoUs were signed between India and Maldives. This includes upgrading Maldives' hospitals and schools for mental health and funding several infrastructure projects. Apart from this, India and Maldives have laid emphasis on promoting the use of RuPay card. Besides, India is also helping Maldives in digitalization.

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